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Unfortunate for astralis
Brehze | 
Bulgaria |mens| 
Sas to see this poor team get screwed iver even more rhan they have already, they can try but I don't see them having enough firepower to outfrag Allan Hender, so match is basically gg already.
2021-09-28 13:02
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2021-09-28 13:03
United Kingdom Jerry2805
2021-09-28 13:03
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2021-09-28 13:04
Norway Norvegiya2k
gg go next
2021-09-28 13:04
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2021-09-28 13:04
Denmark JHelms
Highly agreed. The Astralis players must be very afraid, since they have to hide behind nicknames like Lucky, Xyp9x and Magisk. Imagine needing to call yourself Lucky or say that you're magic, just for the ego boost. Absolutely no match for players like THOMAS or ALLAN, who do not hide their true identity, but instead stand forth with their real name on the server, proud of who they are and facing the (non-)threat headfirst.
2021-09-28 13:12
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Actually the best shit I've read in a while effortnput into it wise lmao
2021-09-28 14:26
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Grammar again
2021-09-28 14:31
+1 you might make fun of him, but he will get more frags than I normally get in a mm match. so yeah astralis should forfeit or prepare to unplug cables for rematch
2021-09-28 14:28
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