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Come on Neymar
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Brazil RichBrazilianNTC 
make us proud and carry again
2021-09-28 20:50
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Sweden AFCHannes
when not diving, he's very fun to watch with all the skills
2021-09-28 20:51
pass to mbappe
2021-09-28 20:51
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or he will cry again
2021-09-28 20:52
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2021-09-28 20:53
Portugal tugamrs
mbappe might carry , ney ney wont do anything
2021-09-28 20:54
UAE > Qatar
2021-09-28 21:09
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Is holding hands with Gf and smoking weed still hyper banned in UAE?
2021-09-28 21:12
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idk I dont live in UAE
2021-09-28 21:16
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Is Egypt much different tho? Same religion right? Not sure and i know that turks could be offended while being sorted as arabs so i don't want to hurt your "feelings" ^^
2021-09-28 21:19
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I mean same religion yeah but the standard of living and the difference of how religious they. Also, at the end of the day they may act well in public but who knows what they do in private. realistically smoking (anything tobacco, weed etc) is probably on the side of not doing it (idk if its haram or not tbh). holding hands isnt haram but going further is starting to border onto it I believe. I don't see hand holding often in egypt, but I mean i dont go out that much either turks probably get offended because ethnically they are different + language is different, but I mean comparing Arabian Peninsula to Egypt it isnt that much different (I mean tons of our workers traveled there to build their country so there are tons of Egyptians there anyways).
2021-09-28 21:25
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Ohh thank you my friend this explain a lot have a chill night and great dreams pal :D
2021-09-28 21:29
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you too men :D
2021-09-28 21:30
he is playing like ass
2021-09-28 21:20
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