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OK | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina faykeee 
2021-09-28 22:41
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2021-09-28 22:41
I dont know how Man City is so bad? They spend like fucking billion dollars on this team and cant find a decent finisher.
2021-09-28 22:42
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they arent bad, they just don't have a striker. They missed like 5 good chances
2021-09-28 22:42
They will buy Haaland next season
2021-09-28 22:43
That's the problem, they spend 100 million and Grielish, a player that they didn't need and who is also massively overrated, but didn't want to go for Kane, who wants to leave and would jave joined 101%.
2021-09-28 22:43
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??? grealish is a great player and kane was blocked by levy, city offered 130m for him =)))) fucking hltv apes and their clueless takes
2021-09-28 23:15
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Okay so Kane was blocked, I didn't know about that.Still doesn't change the fact that Man City didn't need Grealish.100m for what ? Aston Villa player with no CL games prior to this and less than 20 England caps.
2021-09-28 23:19
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in the premier league you play against better teams than in the ucl. barcelona paid 120 for neymar and he didn't even play in europe prior to that. did that make him a bad player? =)))))))) hltv apes and their clueless takes
2021-09-29 00:18
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You call me an HLTV ape for having an opinion. Neymar was ripping Br league apart in Santos scoring goals and dribling for fun.You could see he has talent so paying big money was justifiable. What did Grealish do ? 6 goals and 10 assist finishing 11th with Villa ? And that was his best season out of all he played.
2021-09-29 00:22
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reply to me when you kick a ball for the first time please. you clearly don't understand the sport and you are not even smart enough to shut up.
2021-09-29 00:31
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Listen my guy, Grealish is a good player but not 100m type of good player. And answer my first point, the reason why we are having this argument.Did city REALLY NEED Jack Grealish after they sold their one and only striker ? They have De bruyne, foden, rodri Silva and they signed Grealish ? He is so desperate he uses him as a striker it's actually ridiculous.
2021-09-29 00:37
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my guy, city won the title last year without aguero. grealish is better than sterling, foden, silva and mahrez. them not getting a striker is not related to buying grealish. did they need him? not necessarily. is he a big upgrade? of course he is, he was a top3 player in the league while playing for a trash team. rodri and kdb are not even forwards, they are midfielders, idk how clueless you must be to compare them to grealish. also, 100m is a fair price considering english players cost way more in the premier league. did you expect him to go for 70m as an english man? as i said, you are clueless
2021-09-29 00:45
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They won PL, fucking great, but lost a CL final to Chealsea, why ? No striker. Grealish isn't a forward tho, he never was, at least not in Villa, Pep uses him as a forward now but he is so out of place it hurts to watch him play. 100m for Grealish is ridiculous and you can't say it isn't.Lukaku cost 110 mill and he won seria with inter and scored a fuck ton of goals.
2021-09-29 00:49
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they would have lost the ucl no matter who they had because fraudiola fucked up once again. how tf was grealish not a forward? he played as a left winger the majority of times and sometimes as a no10 without doing the defensive work. no it's not as i just explained you. however, your ape brain, typical to hltv users, didn't quite understand which was to be expected.
2021-09-29 00:53
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Okay bro I don't want to argue with a dissrespectful person.You call someone an ape for having a different/wrong opinion.Does it make you feel better ? It's ridiculous how some people act on this site and like to act superior to people that they don't even know.
2021-09-29 00:55
You are actually dumb. Grealish is extremely overrated and City paid 100M for him was actually 0iq. He does virtually nothing and his plays are extremely predictable. I guarantee you City will have a really hard time trying to score goals this season when they play vs teams with solid defense like Liverpool, Chelsea or Bayern (if they could) in CL. PSG has a very shit defense and City struggled to score 1 goal against them. They need a keen finisher, a true no.9 in the box like Benzema/Kane, not another winger while already having 2+ on the bench.
2021-09-29 01:10
sterling and foden would be nonames if they were not english
2021-09-29 01:17
And based on what ground did you think that Grealish is better than Sterling, Foden, Silva and Mahrez? Based on the hype from last season and his shitty performance in Euro? LMAO. Sterling, Foden, Silva Mahrez are all experienced players that achieved way more than Grealish did, or could ever achieve. Sterling did so MUCH better than Grealish as a LW in Euro and you still think the overrated 100M dude is better? Again, what City needs right now is a CF other than G. Jesus. On the bench they already had so many good wingers (Mahrez, Ferran Torres) and didn't really need to spend a fortune on another one. I would not be surprised if City ends season with nothing.
2021-09-29 01:26
Finland Lindeni
Grealish is better than Sterling though
2021-09-29 00:34
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Different positions but yeah he is a more complete player than Sterling
2021-09-29 00:38
Could have bought Ronaldo for much cheaper than greanlish... Ronaldo with a team likes this, its easy goals even when he isn´t as in form as he once was
2021-09-28 23:10
they're all human after all, they can play bad psg didn't play outstandingly either, just the better team on the night it's easy to comment after one game, go watch the Chelsea game and you'll think wow they're amazing
2021-09-28 23:17
PSG isnt great either they have by far the best attack in the entire world and still loose to tier 5 farmer league teams
2021-09-29 00:34
2021-09-28 22:42
syrsoN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina dc4
2021-09-28 22:42
City much better whole game, Messi dissapeared 3 games in a row now scores on strange game
2021-09-28 22:43
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Nothing new that he dissappears
2021-09-29 00:47
France MarioReL
I expected better oposition even if they are facing a farmer's league team
2021-09-28 22:43
Messi diving lol
2021-09-28 22:44
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dive when and where?
2021-09-29 01:04
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Idk when I wrote, he was not even fouled on and he was rolling on the ground like he was tackled into foot.
2021-09-29 01:48
Poland Totali_
2021-09-29 00:20
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but no ballon d'or but messi had 6? thats odd.
2021-09-29 01:05
MESS eye
2021-09-29 00:24
I love seeing all those new young players getting humiliated by pure legendary skills those old dudes cr7 and messi have. I feel so lucky i could watch them from the very beggining till the inevitable end :(
2021-09-29 00:32
Argentina cheapdeed
2021-09-29 00:33
nothing compared to Sheriff the GOATs
2021-09-29 01:21
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