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Mercedes copying Audi ?
Spain [^_^] new mercedes looks like an Audi
2021-09-29 00:36
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2021-09-29 00:37
Just buy Korean/Japanese cars. More bang for your buck, they age like vine and offer good warranty if you buy them new.
2021-09-29 00:43
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Never new rust was considered wine now.
2021-09-29 00:49
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Rust ? Have you ever owned a good Asian car ?
2021-09-29 00:50
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Yes, I own/have owned a 1994 honda accord, a mk1 and MK2.5 Mx 5, a Rx 8, and a mr2 MK2. My Mk1 mx5 and accord was scrapped due to rust. And my Mk2.5 and Rx 8 needed the rust cut out and new sills and panels welded. Japanese cars are notorious to rust, but are great non the less.
2021-09-29 01:05
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you left them in the snow for too long, and salty roads also contribute to rust
2021-09-29 01:06
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I had a garage to keep them in, late 90s to 2000s Japanese cars are notoriously rusty and it's just inevitable even with all the precautions, (especially early mx-5s which where designed not to last a long time). I also bought all used so even if there wasn't any visible rust on first inspection the sills where probably already on their way out.
2021-09-29 01:15
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damn that sucks, i heard mercedes from that era also had rust problem (late 90's ones)
2021-09-29 01:24
United States Windy_C
Lexus gang. Cars run forever with minimal maintenance.
2021-09-29 00:53
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You cannot go wrong with anything that toyota makes.
2021-09-29 00:57
Too bad some ls interior is so dated. They even have in ls500 2022 CD player lmao
2021-09-29 01:47
I want a Kia diesel minivan xD
2021-09-29 01:03
Not anymore. JDM was top quality in the 90’s - early 00’s, now japs have jumped on the bandwagon and make crisp cars so that you keep buying the parts. I drive a JDM car myself and it’s fine, but you just can’t compare that the 90’s cars my dad had.
2021-09-29 02:03
It feels like cars in general are looking more like each other with all the simple designs
2021-09-29 01:01
Cars all have 4 wheels (not including steering) who cars (lol)
2021-09-29 01:01
real mens with huge dick buy only Japanese autos)) 😎😎👍🏻👍🏻
2021-09-29 01:02
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2021-09-29 01:06
Bro they all lookthe same now. Same with all the asian cars. Just one big cluster fuck of the same shit. Bunch of drones like most of the worlds population
2021-09-29 01:02
All cars these days look the same now, new BMWs are absolutely pathetic and ugly designs compared to their predecessors and Mercedes-Benz is just simplifying their once beautiful and elegant designs just so they can fit in with everybody else. One thing I've noticed is that German cars just look like Korean cars now.
2021-09-29 01:04
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+1 bmw buck teeth grills are hideous
2021-09-29 01:18
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Wym? Bmw grills are iconic are you talking about the g80?
2021-09-29 01:26
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yes all the newer ones, the older ones (pre-2019) are fine
2021-09-29 01:28
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It's not on the look it's on the performance i love every version of bmw
2021-09-29 01:34
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What kind of answer is that? Why can't a car have both?
2021-09-29 01:48
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Because looks is subjective, i frickin love every version of bmw and as he stated he dislikes the look of new bmws
2021-09-29 03:30
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If the looks was subjective many people would think Lizzo is more beautiful than young Monica Belucci kekw
2021-09-29 03:33
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Now you're talking about the extremes, that's stupid.
2021-09-29 04:53
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What extremes? You said that beauty is subjective :)
2021-09-29 05:07
Russia CYETA
I really miss early 2000s era when every car tried to look unique
2021-09-29 01:45
It does look like an A5
2021-09-29 02:09
aerodynamics laws are same for everything, so if design goal will be the same for both manufacturers, external forms of their cars will be almost the same
2021-09-29 03:46
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