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“Rap music”
Grim | 
United States c0nfuze 
Couldn't believe there'd be the day where I would take a chance to listen to some "rap" music. We listened to alot of guns n roses back in the days. My son Jim recently has been showing me some of his tunes, and I take the fond of it, haha. Didn't approve of his preferences first glance, but I can say it was ok. Can’t believe how much it evolved. [Viewer Discretion Advised] Users send me some artists I can check out below. Thanks!
2021-09-29 01:46
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rythm and poetry
2021-09-29 01:47
Argentina cheapdeed
uzi is not a rapper but ok
2021-09-29 01:48
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he was in the xxl freshman class of rappers
2021-09-29 02:05
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Argentina cheapdeed
yea i bet that makes him a rapper even
2021-09-29 02:17
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"Symere Bysil Woods, known professionally as Lil Uzi Vert, is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. Woods is characterized by his facial tattoos, facial piercings, eccentric hairstyles and androgynous fashion, imagery built on a melodic emo approach to trap."
2021-09-29 02:28
United States SYM3iOTiC
2021-09-29 01:51
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RIP Dumile.
2021-09-29 02:43
Brazil MaHo!
e best rap recommendations a Brazilian can make: The group called Racionais Mc's And the rapper Sabotage Maybe you don't master the language, but feel the flow and look for the translation of the lyrics (I did this a lot when I was younger, especially listening to Eminem who has a vast vocabulary), these two recommendations are something really special
2021-09-29 02:02
2021-09-29 02:07
can't believe people listen to this crap when they could listen to good music like anime osts and video game soundtracks
2021-09-29 02:10
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arT | 
Taiwan lisuuu
yeah nathan! 😎
2021-09-29 02:28 Open your eyes!!!
2021-09-29 02:10
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lmao nice propoganda, as fucking IF the numbers reported by China are supposed to be taken at face value.
2021-09-29 02:32
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2021-09-29 02:33
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true I'm probably a little too biased to have a perfectly fair opinion on the matter but china misreporting their statistics is a tale as old as time. ^ recent examples from within12 months from a very unbiased, and well respected news source.
2021-09-29 03:18
This isn't rap.
2021-09-29 02:18
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How is it not rap?
2021-09-29 02:37
Portugal joaodordio
Check these rap band from the 80's and 90's, you will probably like them: - A Tribe Called Quest
2021-09-29 02:20 Rate this one brother Also check out these artists: Joyner Lucas A$AP Rocky Don Toliver
2021-09-29 02:37
need to put some Kanye in that playlist
2021-09-29 02:38
2021-09-29 02:42
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