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Astralis vs NIP final
GeT_RiGhT | 
Turkey UnserRommel 
just imagine
2021-10-09 01:53
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0/8 It's ENCE vs FaZe if you mean PGL Major
2021-10-09 01:54
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i mean iem fall final. its not that big of a deal but they will sweat if this final happens tho.
2021-10-09 01:55
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Hobbit | 
North America Beecs
device will prove that he was a bigger factor in astralis success than dupreeh/gla1ve or whoever else his haters are clinging onto to try and claim device was an angle holder carried by a good team
2021-10-09 02:02
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I think the exact opposite will happen. Im not device hater or anything but u just cant call 4x major winner "lucky with meta". gla1ve spoke about it on blast overtime stating he wants to prove himself with winning another major just like device wants to.
2021-10-09 02:11
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well, obviously both gla1ve and device was very important for their success astralis -gla1ve was a top 3 team in the world for over a year, arguably at certain points of time the best team in the world, and the only team that could really beat fnatic during the fnatic era, they just choked in majors cuz their IGL was notorious choker karrigan astralis -device has been dog shit and only made 1 top 4 finish this calendar year where they got slapped silly by g2 in the semifinals 16-6 on their home map nuke the superstar is in 99% of situations more important than the veteran IGL IMO look to s1mple zeus look to olof pronax look to f0rest xizt look to kennyS happy NIP is in better form rn, they are beating better teams, NIP is a legit top 3-5 team rn they always get the better of heroic and g2, they havent played vita, but if they make the finals beating vita they are a top 3 team, but if vita beat them they are just a top 5 team
2021-10-09 02:22
ZywOo gonna clap device just watch
2021-10-09 01:54
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devve is pretty good recently.
2021-10-09 01:56
ZywOo normally styles on NiP so I'm expecting Vitality to win purely because of that.
2021-10-09 01:58
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Hobbit | 
North America Beecs
they havent played since nip got device nip have by far 2 of the 3 best players in the series, i think they can work it out
2021-10-09 02:00
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Now that G2 lost I'm less worried about the result, it's more about putting a marker down should they meet in the real thing.
2021-10-09 12:38
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well NIP havent won a t1 lan in like 4 years so even tho this is just an RMR, its a still stacked with basically every top team outside of navi and gambit
2021-10-10 00:36
yeah nooo gg mens
2021-10-09 20:00
EZ4 vita
2021-10-09 01:57
Syria icarnothing
Zywoo 2.7 rating to carry against nip and get mvp
2021-10-09 01:59
nip already got a legend so they don't have motivation= vit win
2021-10-09 02:20
Its happening
2021-10-09 19:57
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2021-10-10 00:49
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wtf is that nuke from astralis man
2021-10-10 00:49
Oh well( maybe at the major
2021-10-10 00:36
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