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NiP wtf?
Russia sdrnnn 
I didn't watch a game, now i check hltv and a see 16-2 from NiP against Vitality (honestly i think Vitality is the best inferno team in the world rn) and NiP struggle on it against Movistar (and actually lose it on OT). Soo, what's happen there?
2021-10-09 19:55
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vitality just played bad tbh
2021-10-09 19:55
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+1 that last map was depressing
2021-10-09 19:56
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so was nips t side on nuke so to me was even
2021-10-09 19:58
fluke for bots watch them get out 0-3 on major
2021-10-09 19:55
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as a nip fan this truth hurts :(
2021-10-09 20:01
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Sweden sn1pie
you aint a NIP fan
2021-10-09 20:02
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i literally am...the last years for nip at majors were horrendous just accept it theyre not the best, been supporting them since 2015
2021-10-09 20:09
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Sweden sn1pie
they are atleast top 5 and it's a new roster they will be good this major finishing atleast top 4
2021-10-09 20:10
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this major hopefully yes and currently it looks bright, well it did look bright in 2017-18 too and how did it end up?
2021-10-09 20:15
How did you support them in the past 6 years? Did you cheer for them live? Bought their merch? Hyped them up when they needed it the most? Saying they will go out 0-3 tells me you aren't too supportive of them, maybe its time to change something? If you really support them then show positivity and hype them up instead of being Gabriel ":):" Toledo
2021-10-09 20:21
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oh yes i had nip mousepad, the red skull one) and i can show support other ways too not just spamming go ninjas under every hltv thread, but the disapointment throughout the years stopped me from believing in them on majors cuz you know...false hope = very many sad(
2021-10-09 20:39
Completely outplayed, dusted them
2021-10-09 19:55
Zywoo back hurting today, so no chance they win. Sadge
2021-10-09 19:55
Vitality kind of seemed off on last map
2021-10-09 19:56
Russia Evil_DaviD1
Vitality got fucked on their pick, tilted and then lost 3rd map.
2021-10-09 19:56
Difference between IGLs And if you have devve, you win.
2021-10-09 19:56
Do u know they had a 8win streak on inferno right? (NIP) They just struggled against movistar
2021-10-09 19:56
Check all other NiP inferno games this tournament. They've massively improved their CT side, also movistar had many days to prep for NIP
2021-10-09 19:56
Simple Zywoo do not step up -> vitality lose
2021-10-09 19:56
Nip dominated them just playing aggro banana and mid and picking them off, winning duels. Vitality couldn't do anything. They got 1 plant in the entire t side. It was a stomp
2021-10-09 19:57
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Thanks for explanation)
2021-10-09 20:00
just like navi they don't care they already qualified , so free food for them ;)
2021-10-09 20:12
Idk Vitality'tside is too bad or Nip ctside is too good
2021-10-09 20:18
Idk man, I'm making a documentary about it rn
2021-10-09 20:19
s1mple | 
Turkey c0ir
lets go device
2021-10-09 20:44
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