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Vitality's most important player is Kyojin
Hong Kong StopAsianHate 
we've seen Kyojin have dominant single maps against Na'Vi, Astralis, OG, etc. when he's on, Vitality win against anyone the problem is his consistency as he's had more bad maps than good maps where Vitality can still win but it boils down to how much slack ZywOo picks up we all know ZywOo will always show up but if Vitality want to win championships, Kyojin needs to perform more consistently which is why he's the most IMPORTANT player
2021-10-10 23:02
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It's gonna be hard for Vitality to win the major with him tbh
2021-10-10 23:05
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France MarioReL
my concerns would be the stress of the guy against a crowd; i think he might have few events before the pressure is gone
2021-10-10 23:06
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he has the skill to succeed in tier 1
2021-10-11 01:09
name checks out didnt read
2021-10-10 23:05
if LNZ will always have 1.00+ rating, NiP will win all tournaments
2021-10-10 23:06
Hard without experience, but you have the same on Navi with b1t and perfecto, who never played on a big stage in front of a crowd.
2021-10-10 23:07
2021-10-10 23:07
Kyojin is the guy that is going to valorant
2021-10-10 23:09
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GrOgY | 
Europe Daudy
He was playing CS actively when he had vac banned acc i doubt he will switch to valo any time soon
2021-10-11 01:15
another 0/8
2021-10-11 01:11
Yes when your supportive player frags out you're gonna have an easier time than when he goes 10-25
2021-10-11 01:12
That's some of the worst logic ever
2021-10-11 01:12
too bad he's good one map out of ten
2021-10-11 01:13
This is 4head logic
2021-10-11 01:13
the guy just arrived from tier 85 to fill rpk's boots, give him a break he's improving games after games
2021-10-11 01:13
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This! After 1 years , misutaaa became more consistent and it should be the same for kiojin. They play against t1 and are not that bad considering their lack of experience. Apex and shox can't improve as much and have less potential to improve the team on the long run.
2021-10-11 01:37
nah shox's performances if you look through he wins games and loses them based on how he plays. literally last year look at his events they only won events second half of year cuz he had a sharp uptick in form zywoo was a monster all year but they only won events in second half of year. this year same thing shox sucked balls for a long time but finally picking it up and vitality look better
2021-10-11 01:39
uh no it's zywoo lmao
2021-10-11 01:50
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