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watched a programming course
sigma | 
Malta SigmaMaleSociety 
I watched a programming course on youtube but now what do I do? I don't know what I should do now... some questions website to practice or try to make something?? what did you do?
2021-10-12 20:44
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get a job as a junior developer, so you need to prepare for interviews
2021-10-12 20:46
Sweden Clapotre
Depending on what language you learned, google some easy projects to start with.
2021-10-12 20:46
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how do I know if I do it correctly?
2021-10-12 20:47
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it works?
2021-10-12 21:46
Sweden Clapotre
If it works, it is probably correct. Bare in mind, there is almost always an easier way to do it. The more you work with it the more you learn, and you will eventually learn smarter ways to solve problems
2021-10-14 15:09
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Really solid and encouraging advice. Thank you.
2021-10-14 16:20
keep up the grindset
2021-10-12 20:49
From a computer science student, just start building anything and everything. You're probbably using an object oriented language, so do something like building a console app that serves as an administrative system of a school or something like that. It should have an overview of classes, teachers, students etc. that you can save in a database or text file. Build functions to create,read,update,delete (CRUD) and add additional functionality. Once you can do that, you're on a good way to understand OOP. Another good project to learn is to build an administrative website with MVC pattern (google it). It will make you understand how API's work (probbably the most useful tool these days to understand), how you design your program in different layers, and how data is transported in websites. You're welcome to write to me if you have questions or need help :)
2021-10-12 20:50
what are you exactly practicing? if it's web development i'd say just look at some sites you like and try to make a site like that more like a clone just to test your knowledge and if you're trying for competitive coding i'd say go to hackerrank find the language you're learning and whatever you learn do a test about that topic there it's really helpful it keeps you interested and you'll be practicing what you'll be learning at the same time so you won't forget anything
2021-10-12 21:02
Greece Graecos
If you don't practise, you will never be able to do anything. Programming is 95% of practise
2021-10-12 22:04
Either get a project or do exercices, i like project euler and exercism (this js great for noobs, you get personal feedback from volunteers)
2021-10-12 22:08
Practice by solving problems, try Leetcode. Learning a programming language is one thing but to approach a problem and coming up with an efficient algorithmic solution is more important, then the implementation part comes.
2021-10-12 22:09
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will I be able to do it after just a short amount of time of learning?
2021-10-12 22:24
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yes, they start at a very basic level, they guide you through the beginnings of a language
2021-10-12 22:28
For me the basics of programming doesn't have to do with a programming language but rather it's about how a programmer should approach a problem. Don't bother about language and syntax just yet. Take a problem and try to figure out 'what can I do here?', you can take help in 'how can I do that?' part from Google and stackoverflow. You'll get better with language anyways after you code a good number of solutions.
2021-10-12 22:53
dogshit advise to someone just starting out lol
2021-10-14 16:22
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Fuck off then, don't take it.
2021-10-14 16:30
Romania Simple0x47
Look for an open-source project which sparks interest within you, and try to level up your skills to be able to contribute to that project.
2021-10-12 22:26
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2021-10-12 22:27
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Romania Simple0x47
Great shortcut. Yes, with little knowledge you could detect mistypes within the code which actually ends up on bugs. Although they are not easily detectable, that's a start.
2021-10-12 22:55
which language do you want to learn?
2021-10-12 22:29
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ruby and maybe c++
2021-10-12 22:31
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i also started with c++, can definetly recommend. classic start is of course: get yourseld an environment in which you can code. i recommend visual studios. and then just start with basic things like a hello world program, a simple loop and stuff like that. then you already got a good basic foundation to go more object orientated, because thats what c++ is.
2021-10-12 22:34
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thanks and then what did you do once you knew the basics?
2021-10-12 22:37
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dive deeper into it :D i dont know how much you already know but another important aspect of c++ are things like pointers, classes, abstract classes and more things. try to get familiar with those because you will use them all the time. If you know all the basics, try to combine them by thinking of any application. especially abstract classes are a super important tool and id say you have to practice with them to know when to use them
2021-10-12 22:43
pick something you like, and try to make it. you can make a chess game, a checkers, a forum, a fansite, a porn site, whatever but learning to program with python is easier than any other language: make a game using some of the good libraries
2021-10-12 22:31
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