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RIP Kixstar
AmaNEk | 
Europe Asviix 
Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley passed away in a car accident on the 11th of October 2021, he was 24. You will be deeply missed within the R6 community, you were one of the best shout-casters on this game, and your duo with Interro was the best thing to every happen in every esports scene. May your soul rest in peace man, fly high.
2021-10-14 00:23
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holy shit
2021-10-14 00:24
Canada KappaTieSey
it was terrible.
2021-10-14 00:25
wow I did not know that.. I don't play nor follow r6 anymore but I once was a huge fan, watched so many of his youtube videos, used his sensitivity, tried to play like him... that is very sad
2021-10-14 00:25
NAF | 
Albania Zhurma
Rest in Pieces Insanely sad Praying for his family and his co commentator
2021-10-14 00:25
Brazil Bronly
dont know who is him but car accident is a cruel way to go =/ rip may his family find comfort somehow
2021-10-14 00:27
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He was the most known commentator for Top Tier Rainbow Six Siege He could be considered as the Machine of Rainbow Six Siege
2021-10-14 00:28
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