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my reaction time
suicide | 
Finland gootti_muija 
its insane put the vid on 0.25 speed at 2:16 and look how fast i react when i get shot at
2021-10-14 02:56
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United States post_poster
2021-10-14 02:59
2021-10-14 03:02
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
2021-10-14 03:05
Turkmenistan reinkarno
reaction time in cs test wont work because you get info and you get sounds
2021-10-14 03:06
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i was playing vol 0 listening to music here, i reacted to visual cues
2021-10-14 03:07
sry to burst ur bubble but u were already turning as you were getting shot. go human benchmark and prove ur 10ms reaction time lol
2021-10-14 03:08
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2021-10-14 04:49
you turned right, got shot at from behind so like a retard you turned 270 degrees left the long way round instead of 90 then you turn around and spam and not even that fast tbh I rate this reaction time 0/8 wasted space on hltv front page very low quality I think jon e should just remove this waste of space along with your attention whore acc
2021-10-14 03:13
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2021-10-14 03:15
Brazil Bactuga
Reaction time varies, sometimes its a bad thing having a fast reaction time, for example sometimes you will shoot before you are fully stopped and shoot before your crosshair is on the enemy, thus making you miss and die. also there are ''different'' type of reaction times, some people are good on holding a angle and some people are better when they peek an angle
2021-10-14 03:16
I'm not being mean or anything like i'm not a god but not bad at the game what about this is good, not saying the shot but the reaction even is not good?
2021-10-14 03:18
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it isnt good at all this guy is autistic or something
2021-10-14 03:23
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Oh chill, i guess he's just happy but someone has to tell him it's nothing special:(
2021-10-14 03:27
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clearly u two are just jealous
2021-10-14 03:28
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Okay, now i'm tilted elo?
2021-10-14 03:29
I'm done, all his clips are community servers and MM not even level 10 and he cold me jealous
2021-10-14 03:31
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dont be so upsetti wupsetti
2021-10-14 03:33
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i destroy level 10 players in mm every day :3
2021-10-14 03:34
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don't compare level 10 to 3.3k elo
2021-10-14 03:35
Slovakia Daev0n
1. You didn't figure it out quickly at all. Took you way too long mate. And if this is your best reaction time (since it's a highlight), then it's really not that impressive. 2. voice_enable 0.. a disgrace 3. The shots before were pretty meh.
2021-10-14 03:33
If you have ever watched players in like esea Advanced for example. They are like 5 times faster at reacting than you’
2021-10-14 03:36
My average its 500 ms i only like fps but fps doesn't likes me
2021-10-14 03:39
why did this make so many people angry?
2021-10-14 03:40
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I was angry because for high level this is nothing, but i do understand some people in lower level's find this fast that's really it i guess.
2021-10-14 03:46
2021-10-14 03:41
what rank are you?
2021-10-14 03:55
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silver 3 come at me
2021-10-14 04:02
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lmao it's decent reaction for silver 3 but keep working bro you'll make it out of silver for sure :D
2021-10-14 04:02
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thank you! im trying so hard but its just sooooo difficult >_<
2021-10-14 04:03
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I get that bro. it took me a while to get out of silver as well. something that helped me was having a regular team to play with. i only play competitive with at least a 4 man. and when my "squad" isn't on, i only do aim training on those dm servers. so try to find at least 2 other people (preferably 3 or 4) and learn utility for sure. run some executes, and make sure you play like a team and not like 5 people doing their own thing. trust me bro, you do all those, you'll be at least MG in no time
2021-10-14 04:36
Nothing special.
2021-10-14 04:40
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