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United States Heatjkweird 
regali poppin off first game with them and still cant win
2021-10-14 22:47
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0.78 rating pog
2021-10-14 22:48
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kek +1
2021-10-14 23:05
You call 40 ADR poppin off?
2021-10-14 22:48
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top fragging 2nd map. also vertigo wasn't their pick. He's playing well considering it's the first match he's played with them and they still cant seem to win.
2021-10-14 22:51
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But I am just replying to your thread about the 1st map, not the 2nd? He did not pop off in the first map. Forget about 2nd map, that's not what you originally wrote.
2021-10-14 22:52
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i said first GAME. It's a bo3 dude. but oh yeah let's focus on his 40 adr in the first map of the match and ignore the fact the rest of the team are all negative k/d too. It was pretty clear what i meant.
2021-10-14 23:03
Europe robo1234
Why didn't they keep jw?
2021-10-14 22:49
He was 5th or 6th frag in the server what do you mean popping off. He didn’t even have that great of a CT side either, which is where you usually see an awper do well
2021-10-14 22:55
Sweden bevern
Smooya popped off. Regali didnt even get positive kd
2021-10-14 23:05
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