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csgo enjoyers come!!!!!!!!
tarik | 
Canada Stewart2k "Follow Team Liquid CS:GO as they compete in the ESL Pro League: Season 14 and BLAST Premier: Fall Groups in Utrecht, Netherlands. " this was when liquid got 1v5, its a great video eitherway go watch it !!!
2021-10-15 22:49
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Will watch later, thank you
2021-10-15 22:50
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no problem!
2021-10-15 22:52
Liquid always with the banger vlogs
2021-10-15 22:51
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true! them, nip and ence 2018 vlogs are unmatchable
2021-10-15 22:52
oh lord they look so dead after the 1v5
2021-10-15 22:51
oh yeah they are in utrecht, thats cool)
2021-10-15 22:56
damn, naf staring the monitor after losing to heroic is so sad
2021-10-15 22:57
That's just brutal And the tragically ironic smile on Grim's face as they walk out lmao, the guy's always so grim
2021-10-15 23:05
bump! more people need to see this!
2021-10-16 04:46
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another one!
2021-10-18 01:41
Europe LimGardz
their intro is amazing
2021-10-16 04:50
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