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Teams that need to disband
Denmark Vespurr 
These are two teams that I don't see a future for because they are literally losing to random 2k elo stacks consistently. Losing to Russian-Ukrainian mixes, losing to French puggers, I think investing in them is just a waste of money… -00Nation -MIBR
2021-10-17 05:48
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Every NA organization
2021-10-17 05:50
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2021-10-17 05:51
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Romania SanitySP
wtf mens :( what is your name
2021-10-17 05:52
Brazil BRA71LIAN
2021-10-18 14:39
no, you are noob. lol. wrong take.
2021-10-17 05:52
nt haibara
2021-10-17 05:54
00nation, mibr, complexity, astralis talent, extremum
2021-10-17 06:01
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They probably do a rebuild for Complexity.
2021-10-17 06:05
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It's a shame they get the biggest paychecks with no results idk how is Jason Lake not fed up with this shit
2021-10-17 06:20
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It's because you can't expect good results from a team that have constant roster changes.
2021-10-17 07:03
Mongolia heedblank
EG disband Gorillaz disband Fpx disband G2 disband OG disband Ence disband (it's law in Finland for every team to disband when they start finding success) NaVi disband (never winning major just give up) Almost forgot obviously col disband
2021-10-17 06:26
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Lmaoo agree with everything but g2 if they have better manager they can do it
2021-10-17 06:33
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Mongolia heedblank
G2 at least needs roster changes. -nexa +Awp igl could be the most promising fix (allu)
2021-10-17 06:39
France poulpup
you forgot faze
2021-10-17 07:12
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Mongolia heedblank
FaZe is karrigans and olofs retirement home why disband?
2021-10-17 17:39
Europe ging_beard
Fiend, 0:14 ct side vs Dig
2021-10-17 06:43
Dump cold and poizon, bring in an actual IGL and a consistent awper and you wont even need to disband complexity
2021-10-17 06:43
-NiP They can't win against Furia with >>COACH<< after buy >>Dev1ce<< Pathetics. The only good one in NiP is Dev1ce
2021-10-17 07:34
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