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Major fantasy when?
Latvia heywire 
When will major fantasy be posted, i need to know the prices of players and want to think extra hard about it.
2021-10-17 11:30
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the Major fantasy is already live Check the fantasy tab
2021-10-26 06:43
India pokedyo
2021-10-26 07:05
off topic if i watch major matches on twitch i get souvenir stuff or do i have to seem them on steam? already bought the pass
2021-10-26 07:12
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You need to buy the major viewer pass
2021-10-26 07:14
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yeah i bought it , but where do i need to watch the matches?
2021-10-26 07:18
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I don't think that matters you can watch it wherever you want
2021-10-26 08:02
You pick teams and then earn tokens.
2021-10-26 08:05
i get it know, luckily it only cost me around 4 and half neurons. thanks guys
2021-10-26 08:20
Lmao seriously?
2021-10-26 07:23
Its live since last week wtf
2021-10-26 07:17
The 29th?
2021-10-26 08:04
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