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yo bayern
suka | 
Romania assdada 
we know you are good but u can stop scoring u won already
2021-10-17 16:09
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meanies edit: lmao wtf
2021-10-17 16:10
Someone tell them that Leverkusen isn't brazil wtf
2021-10-17 16:10
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2021-10-17 16:17
Dosia | 
Poland iOFF
2021-10-17 16:18
Brazil 7-1 incoming
2021-10-17 16:11
dead league
2021-10-17 16:12
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has nothing to do with german league in particular. bundesliga or CL it doesn't matter, bayern just destroy everyone.
2021-10-17 17:03
Russia threk
Lewandowski king of Poland
2021-10-17 16:12
crazy how Leverkusen has been dominating the league so far but bayern just destroys them lol
2021-10-17 16:13
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its just a kids club.. look how scared they are. and their defense has been weak the entire season. just look at their past games and how many chances the other teams created against them they will never archieve anything. even augsburg bielefeld and celtic could have scored 3-4 each against them so it was obvious that they will lose against the top teams. dortmund scored 4 and bayern 5 allready
2021-10-17 16:17
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Aranguiz & Andrich are out today, they can be those players + Tapsoba coming back We'll see in Munich.... But I agree with you
2021-10-17 16:21
Leverkusen tend to receive a lot of goals from elite teams because they are not pussies and are playing attacking football against anyone, it's just that they are not good enough.
2021-10-17 17:07
1st vs 3rd farmers league
2021-10-17 16:17
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2nd vs 3rd but ok Bayern has been farming shitty PL farmer teams in the past as well (chelsea, spurs)
2021-10-17 16:19
Some German kids tried to convince me that Bundesliga was better than La Liga the other day
2021-10-17 16:50
shit farmer league
2021-10-17 16:20
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5 replies having a good team doesnt make a league competitive dumbass
2021-10-17 16:46
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One good team > 0 good teams as you can see Bundesliga is the best league in 2021. Thanks for the link.
2021-10-17 16:48
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still more competitive than bayernliga, in which bayern has been winning for the past decade comfortably. joke league
2021-10-17 16:52
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you sound upset, is it because of the 8-2?
2021-10-17 16:55
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i've been hopeless in football for more ago, literally didn't care about 8-2. stood up at halftime and moved on.
2021-10-17 16:56
Poland zdun
sbanish league in 2k21 kkkkkk
2021-10-17 16:26
4 replies more competitive than the german
2021-10-17 16:46
3 replies spanish league in 2021 😭😭😭
2021-10-17 16:48
nice self rekt
2021-10-17 16:52
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dont care about this season, literally just started
2021-10-17 16:54
goat team
2021-10-17 16:21
Bayern way too over powered
2021-10-17 16:22
another champions league for lewandoski and contender for balondor but in the end Ronaldo GOAT deserved the balondor
2021-10-17 16:57
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deserved for what? for almost leading a juventus side to europa league? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2021-10-17 17:01
feels like this year PSG will play Bayern in the final.. semis will be PSG - MU Bayern - Man City
2021-10-17 17:05
2021-10-17 17:08
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