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LoL prize pool
United Kingdom mystix_08 
So the prize for first place is only $500,000 right? why is it so low for the biggest esport?
2021-10-17 16:50
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Greece RedWinter
they get lots of money because of american franchise system
2021-10-17 16:51
Wait till the end winner always gets 1mil+
2021-10-17 16:52
why is 500k low for you? you earn more?
2021-10-17 16:52
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Nepal dexzzz
he say low cuz small tournaments in csgo have 250k+. Lol is bigger and popular game than cs and still have 500k he want to know why
2021-10-17 16:53
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its more then enough,dota and csgo are way overpayd for waht they do
2021-10-17 17:06
Korea zeppyxdxd
Because Dota2 has a crowdfunded prizepool meanwhile League Of legends doesnt.
2021-10-17 16:52
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this. also dota has to compete LoL so TI's excessive prize pool makes more sense
2021-10-17 16:56
So? Lol generates so much money for riot games they could easily have a prize pool similar to dota 2, also im pretty sure valve adds some money from their own pocket for dota 2 majors just like they do in cs:go.
2021-10-17 16:58
because league is cheapskate meanwhile dota2 is like any easy millionaire dream to join especially if u get last in TI lol
2021-10-17 16:53
Scamming mens
2021-10-17 16:55
League has regions, sum up money from regions + wrlds, you will have good prize pool for winning both.
2021-10-17 16:56
Franchise teams get monetary benefits
2021-10-17 17:05
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