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Europe LimGardz 
Their chinese fans already toxic so hard now xD
2021-10-17 17:18
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Europe robo1234
Where is that happening?
2021-10-17 17:20
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Europe LimGardz
my Chinese friend say he check weibo on his phone and he say all psg.lgd chinese fan are angry them because losing 2-0 in grand final to team spirit
2021-10-17 17:26
Lithuania andy_
lmao football club playing dota, what do you expect
2021-10-17 17:23
NiKo | 
India Smauxx
hahha. They have to be. The way they played TI before this match was unmatched by any team. Even I am disappointed the way they played first 2 games. But they look good now in third game.
2021-10-17 17:28
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