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Good Keyboard & Headset
Switzerland thomazzz 
What's your recommendation for a good CS keyboard ? and what's the difference between Cloud Alpha and Cloud 2 ?
2021-10-17 18:13
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Finland Artsa
build ur own keyboard
2021-10-17 18:14
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Switzerland thomazzz
how ))
2021-10-17 18:17
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Finland Artsa for lower budgets just buy a rk61 and upgrade the case and keycaps as time comes
2021-10-17 18:19
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waste of time
2021-11-02 07:49
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and money 300$ for a keyboard LOL
2021-11-09 18:53
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2021-11-10 05:06
I have Cloud 2, can recommend, but Alpha are newer I think so idk
2021-10-17 18:15
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B1T | 
Greece Noocklas
Cloud 2 best
2021-10-17 18:17
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2021-10-17 18:18
i have cloud alpha S, the 7.1 is worse and the sound in general is worse too, cant hear footsteps well in cs. Listening to music is better because of bass and it has better noise cancellation too but for twice the price its shit
2021-10-17 18:28
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2021-10-17 18:47
Not twice, alpha S are at 90$ atm on amazon
2021-10-17 18:53
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finland for example doesnt have amazon, in fact most countries dont
2021-10-17 19:32
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True, but you can order stuff from (or, or and have it shipped anywhere in EU without much hassle
2021-11-09 11:14
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Nah dealing with warranty for example is much easier from domestic places than when ordering outside of country especially from a place like amazon, and with a thing like headphones that break easily I would rather have easy warranty option than saving a couple euros in most cases
2021-11-09 15:20
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THe warranty/returns reason is completely valid, but what's up with the "headphones that break easily"? I've never had a headphone from a reputable brand just up and give up on me. Granted, I'm not one of the people who throws their headset against the wall or slams it on the table, but I've taken my fair share of headphones/headsets on-the-go with me, I've spentabout 2 yeard using a 1st gen Razer Krakens as my daily driver, including commuting to school in winter during a snow storm and all kinds of crap like that, and I only hade to replace the cable once, and Razer is not exactly great with build quality.
2021-11-09 15:42
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The mic jack is weak, and for example if you use it with your phone and the cord gets tugged repeatedly over long periods of time eventually one of the speakers goes mute when the cord is moved. Not to mention DoAs which happen
2021-11-09 15:46
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That's understandable, but replacing a headphone wire is ridiculously easy in most instances
2021-11-09 15:48
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That only delays the problem, not to mention the ear cushions wear out, the headband wears out so its not really worth it to replace the cord when the product itself is screwed
2021-11-09 15:51
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I'm sorry, but A) Most, if not all of what you mentioned is usually user replacable, or at the very least moddable, and B) if you chose a product that does this while under warranty, then either you chose a shit product or you're using it much more intensely than it was designed for and should look for more heavy duty gear. Example, one of my favourite budget headphones, Koss Porta Pro. I've had is for 16 years, during that time I've replaced the wire 3 times and the ear cushions 4 times. It still works like a charm
2021-11-09 15:55
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Hyperx cloud 2, ear cushions started wearing out after a year of use, the cord started breaking after 2 years. Played on pc, normal use. Products break, im not about to start jerry rigging something of such low value
2021-11-09 16:00
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I mean if you wanted something more lasting, you could consider getting a better (albeit pricier) product
2021-11-09 20:36
what's your budget?
2021-10-17 18:20
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Switzerland thomazzz
100-120$ for Headset and same for keyboard
2021-10-17 18:27
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HyperX Cloud II - headset HyperX Alloy FPS PRO - keyboard
2021-10-17 18:30
HyperX Cloud 2 headset Keychron K2 Hotswappable Keyboard (you can get other version like K3, Q1 etc but get hot swappable as easy to change switches; normal ones are soldered in so headache) I have both and are great for gaming. Headphones are very comfortable and I don't feel anything even when I use them for hours. Keyboard is simply great for the price point. I was going to go for HyperX Alloy Origins Core but went with Keychron after reading some user reviews.
2021-11-09 16:05
I built my own keyboard for like 60 euros ( copper switches) , it's a best for its cost. If you have enough money, build your own
2021-10-17 18:21
Cloud 2 easiest headset to find and is fairly good quality. Any keyboard is fine as long as you don't use stiff switches.
2021-10-17 18:22
buy linear switch mechanical keyboard and add o-ring. if ur on budget just get rk86 or just build your own keyboard. for headset DON'T ever buy "Gaming" headset because it's garbage all around, instead buy Sennheiser HD6XX/HD58X or if ur on budget go for Audio-Technica AD900X
2021-10-17 18:25
hyperx cloud 2 is still the best tbh price value
2021-10-17 18:27
Brazil Zireael11
Keyboard: any keyboard that has a good response time and doesn't ghost. don't go into the custom shit, that's a straight up scam, unless you work with typing and stuff headset: the best result you can get is a music headphone (you can just choose any that fits your audio requirements from the main brands like sennheiser and beyerdynamic) + a separate microphone, it doesn't need to be a shure sm7b, it can even be a lavalier mic if you don't want to spend much HOWEVER if you you really want a headset I'd recommend the EPOS line of headsets. but I think they're a subsidiary of sennheiser so maybe they might be expensive for you, but it's worth the dollar. You can also check out the steelseries arctis series, they're all pretty good for what you pay in terms of the audio, but the mics are a bit underwhelming, but still decent
2021-10-17 18:31
Turkey TheJanus
buy cloud alpha and alloy fps
2021-10-17 18:48
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2021-10-17 19:00
ducky keyboard beyerdynamic dt 770/990 pro
2021-10-17 19:04
buy keyboard thats good for wingman overpass
2021-10-17 19:35
There's no such thing as a mechanical keyboard that's "good" or "bad" for gaming, it's all marketing hype. I'm big into custom keyboards, but if a friend needed a recommendation for a gaming keyboard I'd literally go on Amazon and find the cheapest mechanical TKL they have that doesn't look like it has super cheap keycaps (cheap caps go nasty really quick)
2021-10-17 19:54
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True enough, but gamers in general tend to go for more linera and/or tactile switches (lie reds and browns) over the more clicky (blue) switches. Whether it has any measurable impact is up for a debate, but for most people it feels more 'natural' I suppose. Then you have the switch brand/maker. Some feel good, some feel great and some just feel wonky, and there isn't much information on how a particular switch type feels with a particular bord. You have keyboard that are wired, ones that are bluetooth (which I wouldn't recommend for competitive gaming, a bit too much latency) and 2.4GHz dongle wireless. There's full-sezed ones, TKL's and 60-percent beyboards. There's ones with media control elements, and ones without. My point is twofold. A) There's way too much variance in what gamers want/need in a keyboard that it makes it rather difficult to say that a particular keyboard is the "Best" for everyone B) While there aren't really keyboard that are particularly great for gaming specifically, there are certainly ones that are bad.
2021-10-18 10:10
Red, linear mechanical switch keyboards are usually better for FPS games like CS, so anything from a reputable brand would work- I'd recommend the HyperX Alloy Origins Core, since their own switches seem well built, and it has a detachable USB-C cable. Audio is usually not too important, but sound stage could benefit you as it makes recognizing the direction of footsteps easier. My and my friend's choice is the Cooler Master MH751- no nonesense repurposed audiophile headphones with extra soundstage, extra bass and VERY high quality microphone (although I'd also recommend to put a pop filter over it, this one particularly:
2021-10-28 01:11
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Good choice on the headset, as far as gaming headsets go, its one of the best one under cca $180. Still a bit too much bass to be completely suited for competitive games like cs, but it's not overbearing and you're right on the money with that mic, with pretty much only the Sennheiser GSP300 sounding a bit better (in this price range at least) I don't particualrly agree with you on the switch type, but that's more of a personal preference, I prefer the more tactile switches (like the Browns). but either of these should be fine. The clicky ones, if done correctly and maybe modded a bit, are a joy to type on, but they aren't particularly suited for gaming, as you may have implied
2021-11-02 07:45
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I really hate the gsp 300. The sound and mic is ok but the comfort is terrible. It has a weird gap on the cushion headband that makes my hair in a very weird shape after using...
2021-11-09 15:17
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Fair enough, it has a particular preferred head shape to which it is comfortable, but on others it might not be (like your case). With you being in Canada, you might want to look at the PC38X, same driver&mic, more standart Sennheiser formfactor
2021-11-09 15:34
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Yea I looked at that one before but not a fan of the non-removable mic. I still prefer the cloud 2/ logitech pro style with removable mic and they feel more comfortable as well.
2021-11-09 18:44
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That's completely fair, comfort is subjective and the replaceable components approach is something I can appreciate. You could get all that if you went with a separate headphone/mic cimbo however.
2021-11-09 20:35
2021-11-09 15:11
Sweden naztyy
Buy Xtrfy K4 + Logitech G Pro X headset trust me
2021-11-09 15:14
Just get cloud 2 and another hyperx keyboard. Cheap price at a very decent quality. Rest of ur budget spend on opening cases ez knife bruh.
2021-11-09 15:15
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The cloud 2 is not that great honestly. It's decent enough, but very overhyped for what it does
2021-11-09 15:36
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what do you think is better then? I just see so many pros still using cloud 2 in 2021 which says something about the headset itself. If you really just want a headset strictly used for fps then cloud 2 is the way to go.
2021-11-09 18:49
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Oooh boy, I really don't want to sound like a self-righteous prick, but I do have to address that. Apologies for the tone in advance. 1) "The pro's use it so it must be good" is not a valid argument for a simple reason - Sponsorship deals. The top players and top teams get offered rather large sums of cash for using these products, and as long as it is decent enough, why wouldn't they? 2) If you want a headphone purely for competitive gaming, very few gaming headsets are actually well suited for the task. Most are out simply because of the sound signature they have (wayy too much bass, not enough trebble), poor soundstage and average imaging at best. The cloud 2 is pretty bassy, not very detailed, and while the imaging is decent, the soundstage is not. As far as actual gaming headsets go, around the $100 mark, my pick would be the Cooler Master MH-751, the PC38X/GSP300 is sound-wise a close second. If you're willing to go with a separate headphone/microphone combo, you have a lot more options. Things like modmics or the V-moda Boom Pro (VMBP) allow us to use proper headphones as headsets. A Philips SHP9600 + VMBP is a killer combo. Or Audio technica ATH-AD700x. Or Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro. Or Sennheiser HD-560s. Or... I could go on I mean, if you wanted to go a bit more expensive, it's very hard to beat a DT-1990 in gaming performance, one of the few headphones that can manage that is a Sennheiser HD800, and that's a different price bracket altogether. 3) (I probably should have put this one first for clarity's sake) The sound signature you want for gaming is not something you'd want for your normal headphone to have most of the time. What you want for comp fps is very little bass, balanced mids and LOADS of trebble. Plus good enough soundtage and laser-like imaging. The reason for the sound signature is that footsteps are almost purely trebble and bassy sounds (liek explosions) tend to mask these little details, so tiny bass and murderous amounts of trebble make for a great gaming performance. Now, if you cared less about competitive games and wanted a more immersive experiance, we can add the bass back in, extend the soundtage and have some fun.
2021-11-09 20:34
Xtrfy K4
2021-11-09 15:16
keyboard is useless for CS, just use 15$ keyboard. headset just buy hyperx cloud 2
2021-11-09 15:44
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That's not entirely true. A mechanical keyboard is much better than a $10 office keyboard, especially when you strafe or when in tense situation when you press many keys within a short amount of time. A linear mechanical keyboard will make it much easier for you to press the keys than a stiff office keyboard. But yea once its mechanical then theres no big difference between a $70 keyboard vs a custom $400 keyboard, just that the expensive one will sound better.
2021-11-09 18:46
Sennheiser HD 58X (with modmic for CS) really good for both gaming and music/movies, audio quality will be light years ahead of "gaming" headphones
2021-11-09 15:48
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I have the 4.20S. should I change? roughly the same price but it sometimes hurts my ears as it is smaller than my ear
2021-11-09 20:47
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I've never used the 4.20S, but if comfort is an issue with those, then the 58X will be a huge improvement in that aspect as well (aside from the initial tight clamp force, but it goes away quickly). My ears are probably average sized and they fit very comfortably, the earcups are deep enough to where my ear is never touching the inside of them as well. Also important to note that the 58X are open back, which makes everything sound more natural and clear (huge difference for music and media, maybe not such a big deal if you only care about gaming). But yeah, the 58X and 6XX line are some of the best value-for-money headphones you can buy, I suggest looking up reviews to get a better idea of what they offer, but you can't go wrong with either of them
2021-11-10 07:13
I got alloy origins core, perfect 4 me. As 4 headset I own Arctis 5, comfortable but meh sound.
2021-11-09 20:42
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