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really took the entire team down with him the juggernaut is no more
2021-10-18 05:55
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not entirely his fault
2021-10-18 05:56
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still funny
2021-10-18 05:57
Brazil williamhsk1
What was the reason for him leaving Europe and leaving Complexity?
2021-10-18 05:57
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his proximity to family, people love debating over this
2021-10-18 05:58
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Australia ClydeIoF
is popcorn good debate-watching food or should i get summin else?
2021-10-18 06:34
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popcorn is great but gets stuck in your teeth, Get chips to crunch on.
2021-10-18 06:37
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Australia ClydeIoF
Do you mean chips or chips? Just looking for clarity.
2021-10-18 07:28
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both work
2021-10-18 07:29
United States Jeebur
Lockdowns and covid. he wouldnt have been able to leave for an unknown amount of time and would be stuck in serbia.
2021-10-18 06:06
kind of forced to move to europe full time due to online cs cause of covid at a young age. moved away from his friends and family and eventually it got to him and he wanted out. only really had Rush with him which was nice but still. You're stuck in Serbia during a pandemic. I think he had the right to want out. With that being said, he could have happened the situation so much better. Let his team know how he was feeling or gave them a heads up. I don't like the way he left, it could have been handled better.
2021-10-18 06:08
additionally to all the comments you received, the most important information imo is that he was told that they would 100% being living in Dallas and would bootcamp there.
2021-10-18 06:11
reasoning was fine but the timing was depressing. So much potential but rip.
2021-10-18 06:03
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+111111111 I really wish he would've just played the fucking tournament before he left.
2021-10-18 06:12
I really hope he's doing alright, I can't imagine the hate and threats being thrown his way recently. A lot of people need to realize he's just a kid, that was a looooot of responsibility for him in Col
2021-10-18 06:05
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+1 #9 explains some of the pressure
2021-10-18 06:12
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