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Windows 11 anti competitive practices
United States NA_1_OCEAN_EU_0_OCEAN 
I’ve really not seen anyone mentioning yet just how obvious it is that intel and Microsoft have been colluding on killing AMDs performance on windows 11. You currently have amd CPUs running their infinity cache at 3x the latency they had on w10 causing a 15% decrease in cpu performance in esports titles like cs. Meanwhile intel has gained a large performance benefit from it. It should’ve really been as simple as then copy pasting into the new system. There’s really only two ways to explain why this is the case, either one of the largest companies in the world with a market cap of 2.3T made a goof that they’ve now known about for a while without doing anything, or there is malpractice at play. Call me a cynic, but one seems far more believable than the other. If nothing improved that would be one thing, however, the blatant nuking of performance definitely implies something else is up. I wonder how long it’ll take Microsoft dragging their feet for before AMD goes to get some legal assistance. Crazy how this can happen today without anyone caring.
2021-10-18 14:53
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Finland hermion
Can anyone tell me if w11 will be available on more cpus in the future or just the ones it's currently on?
2021-10-18 14:59
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AFAIK it’s available on every cpu just needs a certain setting enabled. It’s bad on anything outside of intel though
2021-10-18 15:34
The only reason to buy AMD is cheap motherboards. Trash otherwise.
2021-10-18 15:37
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Slovakia Daev0n
You are clueless.
2021-10-18 15:45
typical uninformed russki brain at full effect
2021-10-18 16:01
Russia RogueDecay
2021-10-18 19:04
H chipset for Intel around 25$
2021-10-18 19:04
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you cant overclock neither ram nor cpu on H chipset. i'm talking about Z chipset.
2021-10-18 19:21
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Seriously who the fuck wants to overclock and make the computer more unstable? That's just major stupidity at show here. Look, my the uptime from my main workstation is 550 days and running nicely forward. That wouldn't happen by providing over voltage to boost the clock. Or whatever the terms and methods for overclocking are.
2021-10-18 19:38
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I don't use my PC as a server so I don't have to keep it running 24/7 and I always turn it off when I finished with it. And you always do atleast a hour stress test to make sure it works stable after overclocking it. Never had any problems with it.
2021-10-18 19:44
Pretty uninformed. Depending on the silicon you get, you might even overclock and undervolt your cpu at the same time, you have to put some work and have a bit of knowledge though, integrated mobo or software OC functions will not be optimal. With a good mobo (with many phases and good vrm's) you would probably have a healthier CPU even when using slightly higher voltages than when matching a cheap mobo and lower voltages, given the power variations will be greater and there will be higher spikes leaking through on the second configuration. Besides, as stated by my ruski friend (who wrongly believes Intel had anything to offer this past two generations lol), OC'ing for a gamer only means it will be boosting when needed, won't be running high clocks or voltages at all.
2021-10-18 19:59
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If it were actually that beneficial they would be "overclocked" by default.
2021-10-19 04:51
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Yeah, and many are, so what is your point???
2021-10-19 04:58
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They're not? You do know what overclocking is right?
2021-10-19 05:01
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Ask yourself the same question please because you clearly dont know how chips are made. Please come back after you learn something about the subject.
2021-10-19 05:03
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How can a CPU be overclocked by default? By definition that would not be overclocking.
2021-10-20 06:27
delete this before its too late
2021-10-19 06:24
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Estonia thisba!tes
too late. i call johnatan the bloody raper
2021-10-19 06:28
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ropz | 
United States Goob
yo wtf
2021-10-19 06:32
2021-10-18 23:10
oc amd its delusional
2021-10-19 16:32
AMD is superior in every budget option there is
2021-10-18 19:33
2021-10-19 04:43
Other nacslul1
Intel shill
2021-10-19 06:58
Checks out
2021-10-19 07:04
how do I unread this?
2021-10-19 07:09
United Kingdom browafak
not even worth the upgrade to be honest, the new UI is so buggy and inconvenient, especially on dual monitor setup. Ill be staying on windows 10 for as long as I can
2021-10-18 15:38
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windows 10 will be officially supported till Oct 14, so I think we'll be fine
2021-10-18 15:52
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United Kingdom browafak
which year?
2021-10-18 15:54
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lmao forgot that, Oct 14 2025
2021-10-18 15:55
Other nacslul1
Windows7 was the last decent windows. Windows10 is just another adware and spyware.
2021-10-19 06:59
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+1 I miss being able to fully turn off updates and having actual control
2021-10-19 10:18
+1 been using w7 until this year.
2021-10-19 10:28
win 8.1 was better imo. win 8.1 is a mix between win 7 and win 10
2021-10-19 15:13
who even cares about this intel vs amd shit. having 250 fps on csgo is fine and u get that with anything nowadays. i dont need to have 600 fps on ultra settings on the most graphic game.
2021-10-18 15:44
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This affects titles other than cs. Why leave performance on the table when you don’t have to? It’s literally just two mega corporations trying to kill off the competition they have. This does nothing but hurt consumers, especially those who use their computer for anything other than gaming.
2021-10-18 19:01
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+1 #6 is the mentality of someone who cant wait for intel to start overcharging customers for cpus again ... oh wait intel never stopped overcharging for their cpus.
2021-10-18 23:09
its already fixed apparently but I see no reason to switch, looks like the usual minimalist ui bs with no actual functionality added (still no explorer tabs in 2021 LUL)
2021-10-18 15:49
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i also see no point in switching
2021-10-18 15:55
Not entirely fixed, last test build fixed the L3 cache latency bug (which was the more important one) but the thread scheduler thing was not fixed which is also affecting the way cores are prioritized for apps. And even worst, the build has not yet been released to the public. Microsoft is crap, we all knew this.
2021-10-18 20:03
you can't drag and drop things anymore wtf are they thinking
2021-10-19 04:43
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They going the GNOME route
2021-10-19 04:54
Infinity its crap even without W11, if you have a CPU below 5600x, then RIP
2021-10-18 15:59
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2021-10-18 19:02
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nt burger brain
2021-10-18 19:02
it was a bug, and is being fixed if it already hasn't been. these things happen all the time, it does not mean other companies have formed a super secret alliance in order to fuck up other companies
2021-10-18 19:06
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If there was truly an attempt to fix it, Microsoft wouldn’t have updated the os and make it even worse than it was initially. Microsoft has only started working on it now, after months of development, feedback, and complaints. There’s a clear motive and evidence to support it. At the very best Microsoft forgot that AMD exists (you tell me how likely that seems) and at the worst they are colluding with intel to basically turn one monopoly into two.
2021-10-18 19:28
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send evidence and do you really think it is that easy to fix stuff like this? they have to identify the problem, identify the source, figure out a way to fix it, and then fix it
2021-10-18 19:30
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Do you really, really, REALLY think that any company would launch an OS and not test it with the two biggest CPU makers? I mean... it's not like a CSGO update, it's a fucking entire OS. And yes, it does mean companies do dive into unethical business practices, it's neither Intel's neither Microsoft's first one (Even AMD at some point). Most of us who are 25+ at least have lived through several of these maneuvers.
2021-10-18 20:08
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it's an incomplete os and have you ever tried windows 11 with amd processors? I have, and the experience is pretty much the same as windows 10. You will only see the differences in a statistical test environment, the experience will not differ for the average user this has happened with pretty much every os so far, no need to make conspiracy theories
2021-10-19 05:46
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+1 I use a 2700x and have seen pretty much no difference in performance between windows 10 and 11 and they are already fixing it apparently. On top of this, most articles list it as a bug within Windows 11. No big deal
2021-10-19 10:29
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i actually got higher frames in cs, may be because of a clean install but still it's not a noticeable difference
2021-10-19 11:06
What evidence do you want? That the update screwed it even more? There’s plenty of news out regarding it already.
2021-10-18 22:50
6 replies
send evidenve proving that they have a clear motive against AMD. And not just any facebook bs, actual credible sources
2021-10-19 05:46
5 replies
Intel and AMD having a vendetta has been obvious since they started. They are industry competitors after all. If you are wondering if Microsoft has a motive, check this: Another pretty obvious motive is that intel has a market cap 80 billion $ higher than AMDs along with much safer future prospects (they do have various long term and government contracts of course).
2021-10-19 06:07
4 replies
that does not prove anything? Obviously companies are going to compete, but just because intel partnered up with microsoft to make a vm with intel technology, does not mean they are plotting against amd. Amd has partnered up with microsoft plenty of times to create better chips etc. You are just forming theories with barely even a base
2021-10-19 06:19
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You know what, you’re right. Microsoft has no reason to favor the company that has 70% market share using their products. I don’t know why you even care about the motive tbh because even in the best case scenario what they did was illegal based on the FTC’s legal definition of anti-competitive practices. The motive is obvious, bigger company bigger pockets. The actions are known. You’re the one creating conspiracies here bud.
2021-10-19 13:09
2 replies
"You’re the one creating conspiracies here bud." ??? all i am doing is asking for some base on your statements you are saying windows is deliberately fucking amd performance on windows 11, which does not seem to be true and then go on about some vm stuff including intel, but that does not tell me anything
2021-10-19 13:13
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If you wanna believe that it’s all just some crazy coincidence and Microsoft forgot about AMD, you can believe that. There is not one other possible explanation for the issue (keep in mind, it’s well established that Microsoft hardly worked with AMD on w11) besides foul play. If you can come up with a better explanation as to why Microsoft essentially cut contact with the second largest producer of desktop CPUs and gave the other a massive amount of attention, then I’ll hear you out. Money talks in the real world. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows like you seem to think.
2021-10-19 13:54
United States bxteme
Actually I haven’t noticed too big of a difference from win10 to 11, I’m on amd 3900xt
2021-10-18 19:31
imagine using windows 11
2021-10-18 19:32
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2021-10-19 04:15
imagine using windows
2021-10-19 04:50
who cars about W11 trash
2021-10-18 19:46
Andorra I_live_in
Good job by Microsoft, fuck amd
2021-10-18 19:48
didnt noticed anything to be honest. i have played the bf2042 beta it was stuttering as hell but i dont think it had something to do with win 11 which im currently on. and also nothing with my 5900x.
2021-10-18 19:57
can AMD do anything about it?
2021-10-18 22:59
2 replies
They were working on a fix when Microsoft updated the OS and worsened the problem from 2x as bad as before to 3x
2021-10-19 04:15
It's already fixed
2021-10-19 06:20
theyre releasing updates to fix these in the upcoming week? op retarded as burgers tend to be so i dont hold it against him :()
2021-10-18 23:11
7 replies
Nt microsoft CEO
2021-10-18 23:20
“Bro they just slowed down customers CPUs for months, promised fixes that never came, didn’t work with the manufacturer, and gave the number 1 competitor months of their time! It’s not that big a deal! You gotta realize, they just forgot dude!” -some fucking moron in Finland depressed out of his mind drinking 5% alc to quench his pain
2021-10-19 04:14
5 replies
they released a fix like 2 days ago lol
2021-10-19 06:23
4 replies
Fixed one obvious issue and kept a ton of others smaller ones
2021-10-19 13:03
3 replies
which are going to get fixed along the way. microsoft does not have an infinity gauntlet for fixing bugs either way i don't notice any problems so i dont care
2021-10-19 13:04
2 replies
“If I can’t see the problem, it doesn’t exist”
2021-10-19 13:06
1 reply
that's not at all what i said, i just said they don't affect my experience so i don't care
2021-10-19 13:08
United Kingdom Socks!
i got an AMD cpu, rip me i guess
2021-10-19 04:18
3 replies
Just dont upgrade, if enough people do that it will force Microsoft to change the OS. And if that doesn't work then maybe FTC will have a talk with them.
2021-10-19 05:08
it's fixed already, don't use hltv as your main information source. Tons of conspiracy theorists n shit
2021-10-19 06:24
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United Kingdom Socks!
well damn, guess ill wait for stuff to be ironed out before upgrading i guess
2021-10-19 15:08
It is illegal for businesses to act together in ways that can limit competition, lead to higher prices, or hinder other businesses from entering the market. The FTC challenges unreasonable horizontal restraints of trade. Such agreements may be considered unreasonable when competitors interact to such a degree that they are no longer acting independently, or when collaborating gives competitors the ability to wield market power together. Certain acts are considered so harmful to competition that they are almost always illegal. These include arrangements to fix prices, divide markets, or rig bids. This is the FTC’s official definition for anti competitive practices. What Microsoft and intel have done are exactly what is described above. This is illegal and extremely anticonsumer. People should not be tolerating this.
2021-10-19 04:19
1 reply
+1 now I understand
2021-10-19 06:25
gl hf in linux
2021-10-19 04:23
i am an intel supremacist!
2021-10-19 04:40
The only explanation is that intel is better. You are delusional.
2021-10-19 05:21
They sajd they fixed it but patch will be on tuesday (today)
2021-10-19 06:33
It's seriously so lame how microsoft word doesn't come included.
2021-10-19 07:09
This is normal in capitalism.
2021-10-19 13:04
lots of ppl will stick to win 10 until 2025.Then they will rather change the OS to linux than buy new pc parts just to meet win 11 requirements
2021-10-19 13:07
Finland kalza1
Who cars AMD trash
2021-10-20 08:46
anti-consumer corporation with massive majority marketshare recognises other anti-consumer corporation with massive majority marketshare and they collude to make more money for both of them. This is unfortunately nothing new, this shit is happening every other week in the tech world
2021-10-20 09:01
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