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Xyp9x | 
Russia Strikeshow 
Putin congratulated Team spirit
2021-10-18 17:00
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Kazakhstan SayYouCome
gained respect for Putin
2021-10-18 17:01
NiKo | 
Poland hsal
2021-10-18 17:02
When he says "ours" he means ukrainians too?
2021-10-18 17:02
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maybe but i don't think he wants to say it
2021-10-18 17:04
putin would never do it
2021-10-18 17:10
Putin (his pr team)
2021-10-18 17:03
Probably the greatest leader on Earth at the moment. He is untouchable. He didnt allow Russia to be transformed into a leftist playground like in the west. GOAT.
2021-10-18 17:04
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Yeah, much better to be called poor federation russia and have a average income of 400dollars. Yeah where do you sign up, oh wait there is no queue line for that
2021-10-18 17:08
ropz | 
North America jcoN
russia's been a mess since the fall of the soviet union idk what ur on.. fucked up capitalist oligarchy rn
2021-10-18 17:08
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Russia DomRemi
its more cleptocratic oligarchic despotism rn, everything being stolen (literally), anyone disagrees - goes to jail, or straight killed
2021-10-18 17:10
Seeing white race supremacists getting off to P*tin is really funny tho.
2021-10-18 17:08
its so weird, tbh he is against the freedom of money in the country
2021-10-18 17:05
I dont support Putin but atleast he is being nice to esports players!
2021-10-18 17:06
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He probably didn't even heard about it. One of his many secretary wrote this generic bullshit.
2021-10-18 17:11
Putin doesn't even use the Internet, how does he know about Dota in general? naigrayutsya v svoi Doki dva, potom v shkolah strelyayut
2021-10-18 17:10
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