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World lol_n00bs 
2021-10-19 23:03
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ez for noobwork
2021-10-19 23:05
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man i never knew he was they ceo
2021-10-19 23:08
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Me neither
2021-10-19 23:14
far too young explain his mistakes
2021-10-19 23:05
Jame | 
Belarus XessXLX
Talks? I opened video and pressed 'm' I think I can watch it now and all his words will be true Agree?
2021-10-19 23:06
Sweden drakendilf
his team used a dog camera and now hes excusing it? where is valve and vac ban for this hunden?
2021-10-19 23:14
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2021-10-20 09:17
Russia bigbabytape
Gay talks
2021-10-20 09:19
Turkey ge4zy
Just hilarious how they can all talk now after the esic report. Their words could have been the same before the report. But they just wait until they are all "not guilty". Heroic is just a bunch of dogshit.
2021-10-20 09:20
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Czech Republic fykseN1g
yes, the nda was lifted after the case was closed, it is explicitly mentioned in the video
2021-10-20 09:33
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