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S1mple vs Smooya
Europe Viquersvikers KeKw, Idk man it's pretty funny.
2021-10-21 06:51
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smooya is a good guy
2021-10-21 06:58
16 replies
is he really though?
2021-10-21 07:02
15 replies
By s1mple fan standards, very much
2021-10-21 07:03
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whats faze fan standards for major ?
2021-10-21 07:06
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Same as yours lol
2021-10-21 07:07
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lol making into majors was a big moment, u should be happy with that
2021-10-21 07:08
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I am very happy
2021-10-21 07:09
can confirm
2021-10-21 07:03
They do it for banter...
2021-10-21 07:06
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"there is a 3rd world, toilett cleaning polish retard in connector"
2021-10-21 07:10
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Yes, it is banter #9 #15 You're telling me that your close friends that play CS with you never trash talk or tease in front of you? We trash talk each other in front of each other, but ofc none of it is serious.
2021-10-21 07:16
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that wasn't banter, that was also not with simple, im making the case of him not being a nice guy for all the toxic shit he has said in the past, which wasn't banter.
2021-10-21 07:21
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Lmao, you don't have any friends that play with you in CS do you? Look at their Twitter, you can see their friends. My friends insult me all the time in CS for fun we tease each other and trash talk each other, and we laugh about it, and don't take it seriously.
2021-10-21 08:25
4 replies
are you illiterate? i wasn't talking about smooya and simples relationship, i was talking abour smooyas antics.
2021-10-21 08:48
3 replies
The fact that you take what he says seriously means that you've never had friends that trash talk that hard but all of you know that it was all for fun instead of it being taken seriously. Furthermore, you're saying that because of his past mistakes, we have say forever that he's a toxic person? People change btw.
2021-10-21 09:39
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stop assuming things about me, you have no idea. everyone knows smooya is toxic, it's not just british banter.
2021-10-21 10:26
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"everyone knows" lmao, he was toxic before, but if you take everything he says seriously. Then you should stop watching him. Not assuming anything about you, but it's probably a fact, because anyone that has played with many friends and banter with each other wouldn't critique smooya as much as you're doing.
2021-10-21 10:29
Canada KappaTieSey
jackinho >
2021-10-21 07:02
North America go1x1n00b
smooya wasn't even trying. he is so much better than s1mple
2021-10-21 07:08
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Indonesia lumayan
finally a guy who knows the rael deal
2021-10-21 07:26
bruh have you seen them talk on twitter, they're obviously good friends
2021-10-21 07:13
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+1 Ye, people seem to take it so seriously lmao.
2021-10-21 07:15
its banter
2021-10-21 07:17
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+1 Exactly, #15 Anyone that see them talk on Twitter can see they're good friends. Anyone that play CS with their close friends know that they trash talk each other in front of each other, but it's all for fun. Can't believe that people actually take this seriously.
2021-10-21 07:18
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Yeah, same situation with tarik and wardell bantering. Their fans took it seriously. It's just a bunch of people who never touched grass before.
2021-10-21 08:59
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2021-10-21 09:38
all stems back to when smooya got knifed by s1mple in window and s1mple called him T4 player and smooya called him warzone pro. Good banter and always worth a laugh
2021-10-21 10:33
The impressive part about s1mple is his insane game knowledge. Most of his AWP shots were prefires in that video. Pretty easy to hit theoretically, if you know where the enemy is, it is pretty easy to kill him. Basically, the way he kills them is not too impressive. The fact he always knows where the enemys are is incredible. Built in wallhacks.
2021-10-21 10:34
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