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SKETEL - How CS skins are made vid
South Africa LustedSilli - 
Ramo Mate has released an excellent new video on YouTube entitled SKETEL featuring the process of how a CS skin is made. It is so good that the official CS:GO Twitter handle even shared it recently. The vid: Thoughts? Watched it twice already :)
2021-10-21 11:16
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This guy makes sick videos
2021-10-21 11:16
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yeh 100% :)
2021-10-22 09:09
very nice, is he albanain?
2021-10-21 11:18
except the bullet part, everything else is cool imo
2021-10-21 11:23
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Germany MTD3
the bullet part basically kill bill
2021-10-21 11:25
2021-10-22 11:42
beautifully made + nice style. would love to know how much hours he put into that clip.
2021-10-22 11:44
Ukraine futplxyer
that is actually a dope vid, guy is very talented with animations
2021-10-22 11:49
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