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ZywOo | 
CIS madrat 
such a poor performance by him past 2 years. it really seems to me by his movements that he probably has 30-40 hours per 2 weeks past 2 years
2021-10-21 17:04
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Kazakhstan SayYouCome
name checks out
2021-10-21 17:05
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Why do NA fans seem so slow
2021-10-21 17:07
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Kazakhstan SayYouCome
Idk I'm from KZ
2021-10-21 17:07
Turkey sedo7
I am thinking the same thing, if you follow his instagram, you can have that idea too.
2021-10-21 17:11
2019 woxic :(
2021-10-21 17:12
seems like he lacks motivation
2021-10-21 17:16
Two things: Karrigan mentioned that woxic was one of the players that was negatively affected by the online era, given the fact that he and Karrigan used to be the one hyping up players in Mouz. He also has a hyper aggressive play style with the AWP, something we don't see too often in LAN, because people tend to be less confident on Lan in comparison to Online. But now we're online, his play style becomes very common thus not making him as special anymore.
2021-10-21 17:17
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