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drop playing Major with VAC ban account?
SunPayus | 
Spain x676 
Isurus was disqualified from CBCS (RMR) when they had drop as a stand-in because he has a VAC ban account, so how is he going to play the Major?
2021-10-21 23:55
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He would have gotten disqualified from iem fall if his vac ban was still active
2021-10-21 23:58
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he has it in a secondary account, maybe they just hide it and nobody even noticed it, doubt his ban goes away between these 2 events, in a gap of few weeks/months
2021-10-22 00:01
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Brazil Necro_Spa
oh yeah im sure you were the one who discovered their evil plans!!! report it to valve quick before furia win major ilegally!!!
2021-10-22 00:03
United States gtmaniacmda
I have no idea how old his VAC ban is edit: it could just be that CBCS DQ'd Isurus for his VAC ban on their own principles (i.e. his VAC ban was over 5 years old but they decided he was not allowed to play anyway and DQ'd Isurus)
2021-10-22 00:07
Brazil MrLucas
Isnt it the same case of Vsm?
2021-10-22 00:00
Brazil claimed for FREEVSM, but reached FREEDROP KEKW
2021-10-22 00:00
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your flair is gae
2021-10-22 00:04
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Xyp9x | 
Poland f3nce
same to you I suppose bruh
2021-10-22 00:22
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yours is gae gae
2021-10-22 00:45
this was before valved unbanned vsm, jamppi and co
2021-10-22 00:02
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so drop vac account was also 5 year old at least?
2021-10-22 00:06
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Brazil Arf___
I believe so, esl wouldnt be that dumb to let furia play with a active vac ban player
2021-10-22 00:41
Germany Surcal___
2021-10-22 00:02
Zywoo probably has 8 vacs already cuz he is playing like cheater with aim lock
2021-10-22 00:03
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they need to check him pc
2021-10-22 00:05
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They need fast cuz he is about to play in major and he is cheater!!!1!
2021-10-22 00:06
Portugal dracø
maybe he using the game deficit
2021-10-22 00:12
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Day0s Streaming with game deficit
2021-10-22 00:12
Sweden piCt
This is not normally....
2021-10-22 00:47
2021-10-22 00:16
lost all respect I had for Drop omg wtf
2021-10-22 00:20
does somebody have his banned acc? maybe ban was old enough
2021-10-22 00:31
Brazil kaioamorim
is a skin changer vac
2021-10-22 00:35
i believe this happened before new rule of 5 years
2021-10-22 00:39
Brazil Yamat01
Who carrrrrsssssssss
2021-10-22 00:51
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