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Pass with souvenir tokens
ragga | 
Romania fordawiN 
is that pass with 3 souvenir tokens worth it? what's the price of a souvenir token if you buy it later?
2021-10-22 02:05
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Portugal Hmikas
what the hell are the sovenier tokens? what do they do?
2021-10-22 02:08
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you van redeem them to get souvenier case
2021-10-22 02:10
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didn't find them in store, are they not avaiable for selling? if so does it worth it buying according to the skins in it?
2021-10-22 02:19
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novel | 
North America minte
you can only buy if you have major pass
2021-10-22 02:21
It’s not worth it, chinese will buy millions of souvenkrs and you wont make back your money Just but the normal one
2021-10-22 02:12
Brazil ac_Z
I am with this doubt whether it is worth buying with tokens, does anyone know what the value of separate tokens is?
2021-10-22 02:17
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FaNg | 
Canada JC_123
they are sold for $3.75 CAD in game
2021-10-22 02:21
novel | 
North America minte
2.99 usd each if you have the coin
2021-10-22 02:21
FaNg | 
Canada JC_123
idk I bought it for more gambling mens. My question: Should I redeem the tokens now? How does that even work since no maps have been played yet?
2021-10-22 02:20
Other Bactuga
I Dont think its worth it, the only way you can profit with Souvenir skins is if you get a good skin + good player + good team and good condition which wont happen
2021-10-22 02:23
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