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the future is now
Australia alaskan_pipeline flying cars, or I guess u could say it's a drone with a seat
2021-10-23 07:11
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Other Bactuga
2021-10-23 07:13
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2021-10-23 12:31
try | 
Argentina kexxz
2021-10-23 20:02
Indonesia sTakaTaka
seating space so tight, you can't sit properly and you can't store your stuff properly. but flying is cool I guess
2021-10-23 07:13
Brazil williamhsk1
A drone with a seat, cool
2021-10-23 07:13
u can drop your shit on people like pigeon with it
2021-10-23 07:14
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Excellent! I have wanted to shit on a seagull since one did shit on my shoulder a few years back, finally my time has come!
2021-10-23 10:28
dont eat too much fibre or u will kill someone
2021-10-23 12:34
pog a helicopter
2021-10-23 07:15
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Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxyownz
xD +1
2021-10-23 07:25
Europe Vallon4
It's actually disappointing that that thing is the closest we've gotten to flying cars. Or maybe people from the past had unrealistic expectations of us. ''Back to The Future'' thought we'd have flying cars AND be able to buy plutonium at every drug store.
2021-10-23 07:17
Another startup which will fail. We won’t have actual working flying cars even in 100 years. It’s too complicated and will create many laws and problems. Check the drone industry, you can’t even fly a drone as a hobby nowadays because of too many different rules in different countries
2021-10-23 07:18
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yes flying cars was never gonna happen before they had the infrastructure to support it, what a clusterfuck in the sky if everyone is flying to work in the morning on one of these
2021-10-23 07:25
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People are struggling with cars, imagine what would happen here haha
2021-10-23 07:29
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total chaos car has only 2 dimensions x,y and ppl struggle with now add 3rd dimension height z and human brain is overwhelmed
2021-10-23 10:26
destruction derby
2021-10-23 14:01
that's probably way more expensive and slower than an actual helicopter
2021-10-23 07:18
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about $100k so it's a lot cheaper than a helicopter, but way less practical and probably more of a recreation thing.
2021-10-23 07:23
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I just google and found a "dronecopter" like this for $92.000 while one of the most affordables helicopters (Sikorsky Schweizer S333) is around $698,000, it's indeed a huge plus and I just saw in the website that this can reach up to 100km/h, it's way cheaper and faster than I thought, I'd buy it if it's totally safe (which doesn't seem so)
2021-10-23 07:32
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does look kinda dangerous, but also stupidly fun, wouldn't wanna put your hands out the side though if u enjoy having fingers
2021-10-23 07:37
u want me to tell u will not drop death if that fall down at the speed of 100km/h LOL
2021-10-23 10:33
this shit's been around since 2010 or some shit
2021-10-23 07:42
flying cars wouldnt be for the masses-only for the rich.
2021-10-23 07:43
Pretty cool. Long way away from it being a feasible form of transportation before even considering issues like the lack of infrastructure framework in place for it but I'll definitely put it on my wish list for things to buy after I win the lottery that I never play.
2021-10-23 08:02
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Finland Eestu
+1 The idea seems quite cool but it definitely needs some further improvements to be a good transportation option for most people. For me the thought of going out with one of these during a Finnish winter is very amusing. :D
2021-10-23 08:20
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Good think it's only got a 20 minute flight time, keep the hypothermia to minimum lol
2021-10-23 08:22
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Finland Eestu
Hahahahah good point, I would just like to see how it would work in a weather like this:
2021-10-23 08:25
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Probably better than a car would in all that snow and ice actually lol, hell I'd give it a shot. I love treacherous conditions.
2021-10-23 08:28
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Finland Eestu
If it wasn't windy then I guess it actually would be a better option than a car. :D Nevertheless it would be a very interesting experience either way. Would like to give it a try if possible.
2021-10-23 08:31
drive fast eat ass
2021-10-23 08:16
Will never be feasible because of safety
2021-10-23 08:53
what if we put an Viper engine in this thing?
2021-10-23 08:55
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Will it drift?
2021-10-23 10:28
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well, the "helicar" has 86kg, soooooo
2021-10-23 23:07
cool on a desert, in towns: a) what about noise ? b) looks like extremely prone to collisions, and if drops down in city at somebody = death, but I guess that's like a car going out of the road I wouldn't have such a things flying over my heads on daily basis wow two Poles in a team nice: Tomasz Patan Founder and Chief Technical Officer Anna Kwaśniewska Test flight engineer the smartest nation on earth
2021-10-23 10:20
I don't want these anywhere near cities As an outdoors toy flying no higher than windsurfers it would be pretty cool tbh
2021-10-23 10:39
thats actually awesome haha
2021-10-23 12:35
hope everyone buys it so i can peacefully ride my bike without traffic.
2021-10-23 12:42
Chassis #16 reserved for client in Minsk, Belarus thanks for sharing!
2021-10-23 12:43
That is dangerous especialy with those unprotected fans on the corners
2021-10-23 12:44
Russia RogueDecay
it can be used in a little settlement in middle of the desert, for actual town its a dead technology. we need flying vehicles like in "The Fifth Element" with low braking threshold at high speed, and proper maneuverability.
2021-10-23 12:48
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u ever flown a drone man? they are pretty snappy, maybe not so much with a person on board
2021-10-23 14:04
Europe threk
that's funny. 1960 we've been already on the moon.. But we still can't construct a normal flying car.
2021-10-23 13:59
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Competition breeds ingenuity, when that competition is between nations amazing things can be accomplished.
2021-10-23 19:57
looks dumb
2021-10-23 20:06
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