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Liverpool Manchester United bets
Russia DrunkRussianBettor 
Liverpool win both teams score odds 4.5 bet $10€ Salah Ronaldo both core odds 6.0 bet $10€ Liverpool win + over 2.5 goals in match odds 3.1 bet $20€ Napoli beat Roma + over 1.5 goals total odds 2.9 bet $20€ Good?
2021-10-24 17:24
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2021-10-24 17:45
Should have bet Liverpool to score more than 4 cause thats gonna happen at this rate
2021-10-24 17:46
Sweden Barbarozza
2021-10-24 17:47
Both teams score ez money
2021-10-24 17:48
Bet on Napoli to score over 1.5 goals instead.
2021-10-24 17:49
now ronaldo score for perfect bet
2021-10-24 18:27
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Turkey devpreeh
Ronaldo who should've gotten red (as a CR7 fan)
2021-10-24 18:27
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+1 Honest fan
2021-10-24 18:31
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Turkey devpreeh
thanks. Also hate ManU so happy they get so many goals. Always disliekd them, but after engaging more as a CR7 follower with ManU fanbase etc. I came to the conclusion they're beyond pathetic and deserve to get 20th in league. pathetic rats, and cr7 honestly he is the goat imo better than messi too but he has a brain malfunction. To join juve the trash team 1 Then jump to ManU the arsenal 2.0 before he joined there and OBVIOUS he'd only get shit on like now 2 When you are so dumb 2 times, u deserve to get fucked in ur career. Consequences for doing dumb decisions. And the malding as I said red too... like literally just retire... pathetic CR7 ruined/ruining his legacy making me mad. Still better than Messi but if he continues like that, it may change. Just like device, braindead simping for a girl going to sweden getting cucked and then crying and even calling sweden his home. How pathetic of a bastard do you have to be to betray your own countrymen (denmark) for no reason? 2 pathetic losers who still career wisely seen imo both are the GOATs in their own categories respectively but well well well
2021-10-24 18:34
lol ez farm
2021-10-24 18:42
2021-10-24 18:43
2021-10-24 18:43
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