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2021-10-25 23:01
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2021-10-25 23:02
Azerbaijan hacizeynal
Yes ,it totally works
2021-10-25 23:02
Yes you can!
2021-10-25 23:02
3 replies
you back :OOO I thought you had 10 years
2021-10-25 23:11
2 replies
no never
2021-10-25 23:14
No that was some bait threads, I never got banned on that day
2021-10-26 00:23
Czech Republic TOMEXyy
stop screaming at me pls
2021-10-25 23:03
Kazakhstan SayYouCome
Yes. And, the shorter match, the better. The less nerves you lose and more saturated the day you will have. Stay away of games if you can't stand it well.
2021-10-25 23:03
yes but actually no
2021-10-25 23:03
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I deranked from a short match was having fun with friends!
2021-10-26 00:33
Brazil Zireael11
yes, but my friend said he's been trying to rank up playing short matches for a week, he said he won almost all of them and didn't rank up, so maybe they're worth a little less
2021-10-25 23:06
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trying to rank up to supreme its impossible
2021-10-25 23:12
Doubt it, I have ranked up (and down) a lot from them
2021-10-26 00:23
You can, you get less elo for a win though. I've been playing nothing but silvers as a GN4 since i started playing again last month. Me and my friends win every game but we never rank up. NA west coast csgo is pretty much dead and the ranks are completely fucked.
2021-10-25 23:07
3 replies
It’s not just west
2021-10-25 23:09
2 replies
you play FACEIT or ESEA?
2021-10-25 23:10
1 reply
Faceit even less people play Esea
2021-10-26 01:59
Czech Republic PaYaB
2021-10-26 00:26
you will derank
2021-10-26 00:27
Europe GumGuyHLTV
2021-10-26 00:35
Yes and if your drunk enough you can derank like me
2021-10-26 00:37
It's like the classic one, but shorter
2021-10-26 00:40
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