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any saints row fans?
Russia Me_car 
i love sr 3 soo much(remastered was great too),sr 4 and gat out of hell were pretty good too ,but sr3 is goated for me.and now they just re-launch the series forgetting the 3 rd street saints and putting some clown kids in their stead,i am so dissapointed ;(
2021-10-26 01:36
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Spain ferk
Me. But I no longer remember the games.
2021-10-26 01:37
saints row 2 is where the series peaked and end for me
2021-10-26 01:39
B1T | 
Israel noob1234
saints row was big dik game now they make game for social rejects....((
2021-10-26 01:39
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