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Challenger Stage is Major
Greece RedWinter 
I don't know why some of the community doesn't consider the challenger stage part of the major itself. The players do, PGL does, Valve does, even HLTV contradicts itself sometimes. When Movistar Riders qualified through IEM Fall, the articles weren't "Movistar Riders qualifies to Challengers Stage", they were "Movistar qualify for PGL Stockholm Major". The Legends stage is just another stage of the tournament. As per Valve's latest blog "Then, the Major begins with the ‘Challengers’ stage where Challengers and Contenders compete in a Swiss format (three wins and you move on, three losses and you’re eliminated)." So, case closed?
2021-10-26 01:51
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flair but based
2021-10-26 01:52
United States D1ngusboi
I had no clue people thought this way in the first place
2021-10-26 01:53
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Greece RedWinter
Neither did I, but apparently the logic behind it is that majors before had 16 teams instead of 24, which is contradictory by itself.
2021-10-26 01:57
i think ppl count this as a kind of qualifier, cuz technically all the teams aren't playing and therefore cant be eliminated, and the legends stage is kinda a group stage, but idk i think the major is major, if it has pgl stockholm major in it, then its the pgl stockholm major
2021-10-26 01:56
Challenger stage was previous major qualifier. Just excuses to sell more stickers etc
2021-10-26 01:57
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Greece RedWinter
Keywords are "was" and "previously". CL used to be 16 teams only but now it's a 32 team group stage, yet no one considers the group stage as a qualifier for the main event which is the knockout stage.
2021-10-26 01:59
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Just semantics, what matters is selling stuff
2021-10-26 02:09
no, the minors were the qualifiers for the major, that's literally why they were called the minors lmao.
2021-10-26 02:14
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The minors got you into the major qualifier. Legends were based on previous major performances.
2021-10-26 02:20
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the minor is the major qualifer.
2021-10-26 02:27
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Czech Republic PaYaB
Was* We had rmr points this time Minor became major qualifier for the first time in Boston 2018 In Krakow we still had a "major qualifier" which is now part of the major.
2021-10-26 02:40
it is considered as major, relax.
2021-10-26 02:42
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