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Can Major be decider for this year TOP 1 ?
RpK | 
Poland C4ctusjack_ 
If Vitality wins Major over Na'Vi and ZywOo will be Major's MVP who will be TOP 1 player in your opinion and why ? what is more important in your eyes, consistent results for most of the year, or being able to win the big one and join elite group with major? (OFC If Na'Vi wins we have 100% clear top 1, same if major winner will end up being other team than Navi,Vita or Gambit )
2021-10-26 02:08
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what a stupid question. zywoo has nothing at all, no achievements unlike s1mple. he has no chance already even with mvp major
2021-10-26 02:11
even if vitality win major zywoo would not be top1 however the conversation could change if vitality win the major, blast fall final, iem winter and blast global final
2021-10-26 02:11
France Uexo
I mean ZywOo would still have to win every MVPs until the end of the year
2021-10-26 02:18
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