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United States TheNeonPrankster 
Hello, I would like to propose a suggestion to this website because I think it will help with reducing thread spam. Basically, you make stickied threads. In my opinion, there are way too many "MAJOR HYPE" threads (and I have made one too, I think I contributed to the problem) and I think there should just be a stickied thread made by an Admin or Mod for "Major Hype" or "Predict Major Winner" because there's honestly way too many threads of the same topic and it gets annoying that it floods the forum. Basically instead of having 100 threads about the same topic you can make 1 thread and have all of the people share their pick'ems there. I know there are still going to be people who make threads to flood the forum anyway, but there will be a lot less and it will be much easier to moderate. Also you can make one of the stickied threads a rule thread because right now there is no way to view the rules (that I know of) without typing in the link and the forum rules will be much easier to access. Also one more suggestion, you can make stickied thread which you can update over time for Fantasy. For example right now, the PGL Major Stockholm fantasy, and when that fantasy is over you can clear all the comments and update the title and description of the thread to be related to the newer fantasies. This is just my opinion, and I think it can help clean up the forum with the same 500 threads. Thoughts? I hope a mod sees this, thanks in advance!
2021-10-26 06:38
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To clarify for the fantasy suggestion, this will also make it so you don't have to make a separate article on the news site about a Fantasy going live, it will just update from the stickied thread.
2021-10-26 06:40
a lot of words for me to read
2021-10-26 06:41
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haha sorry xD but I just thought it'd be a good idea to clear up the forum spam
2021-10-26 06:43
s1mple | 
India tkrsh
Probably not coded and devs are too lazy to do shit
2021-10-26 06:45
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Ah, well that's too bad. thought it was a great idea to clear up the spam
2021-10-26 06:46
They have other priorities?
2021-10-26 07:27
As long as they don’t go crazy with 404’ing anything tangentially related like they used to do with match threads
2021-10-26 06:46
broky | 
no + cringe + copied from vlr + ratio + L
2021-10-26 06:59
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I mean I thought it would help with the organization of this site too, but thanks for feedback anyway
2021-10-26 07:09
nah it will look like some random forum with pinned threads like "rules" etc
2021-10-26 06:59
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temporary pins are not bad at all
2021-10-26 07:20
0/8 This is just another way to turn HLTV into Reddit
2021-10-26 07:17
Other Bactuga
Nah i like HLTV as it is, it feels more like of a community and by doing this you would split HLTV in half.
2021-10-26 07:26
It isn’t too bad imo, it’s not too much, you can read around it
2021-10-26 07:28
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