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Day 2 PGL, Step it up.
Spain Sneakers 
Step up ur game. I defend PGL on their first day cuz it was pretty solid considering everything, but day 2 problems are following up the first, and they have not been adressed. They dont really want to build up on problems.. -lots of reports to fix HUD were ignored, and the HUD is exactly the same on day 2, low fps minimap, a bit clunky and bugged, and bloated. With a longer list from other people who is just more picky.. xD -Player cams unexistent, and no reactions from players. Sorry to say but we are humans, we need to feel this "connection" towards the players and teams with the fans, we need to see those emotions, the disappointments, the celebrations, etc. It's not a machine vs a machine, and its not the Cluj-napoca major from 2015.. Sol idea of a studio setup is this, and also to have sound on to hear them shout. -Good things, green screen studio very well done, and no ads in-between the matches (aka, Start of OTs, and half times), makes it much easier to follow and not lose interest when u get smacked into ur face a 3.30min ad. Also gotta say, "real" major starts in 3 days. But there has to be signs of improvements before that.
2021-10-27 22:27
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Poland Amirek
2021-10-27 22:28
yeah the production is fucking shit
2021-10-27 22:29
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I fucking hate delays that's all I have to say
2021-10-27 23:21
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I might just be confused but wasnt the Heric - CPHF match supposed to start at 11? When i checked at 15:00 it had just started. And the Astralis - Godsent match was supposed to start at 16:15 but again, when i checked at 15:00 it had already started.
2021-10-27 23:57
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i swear to god it sucks to look forward to a specific time, place bets and sit down to hear the pregame analysis stuff suddenly you watch the same two guys talking and talking and talking, then receive news regarding technical issues delaying the start. Then after a long while of stupid ads and silly videos, the game starts. 2 rounds in they have technical issue for 35 minutes and stuff regularly. I hate it
2021-10-28 09:23
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2021-10-28 09:29
AGREED Enable the facecams
2021-10-27 22:30
Germany Matrixrl1
first studio day, i still have trust
2021-10-27 22:31
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+1, i still trust and have hopes. It can be a great Major, and one of the best if they can just fix a few of their issues.
2021-10-27 22:47
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United Kingdom Rickshaw
Even with the technical hiccups why would that make the major bad? Do you not watch for the quality of the matches???
2021-10-27 23:42
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of course i watch the matches for the quality of the matches. I hope there is no flukes.. even tho CPH flames could be one, but they seem legit
2021-10-27 23:59
+1 how tf did chinese stream have cams on FaZe - VP though
2021-10-27 22:31
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2021-10-27 22:33
2 replies have a screenshot
2021-10-27 22:35
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thanks mens)))
2021-10-27 22:40
Hard agreed
2021-10-27 22:33
Suggestion: Pay production extra days ahead of event to iron out bugs. Sound, hud, game lags, PowerPoint replays, observers missing too much action, graphics too busy, camera showing behind desk wires… Too many events have too many first day problems. And fans expect it. Kinda sad.
2021-10-27 22:34
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+1, u said it urself. but they are always cutting on expenses.. idk, we should expect they test everything before the actual event happens.. but it doesn't look like they do, only thing i heard is "rehearsals" from the talent.. but seeing so many issues, idk what rehearsal they did xD
2021-10-27 22:52
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+1. Many places have soft openings to work out problems before hand. Plays, restaurants, amusement parks… It’s a major. Not a local lan. Get 10 randoms to play a couple of matches and do a cast you don’t broadcast to see what’s working and what’s not. Takes an extra day.
2021-10-27 23:03
+1 Doesn't even feel like a LAN when we can't even see or hear the players.
2021-10-27 22:36
Peru tosta
+1 day 1 is always bad, but not fixing anything on day 2 is a problem
2021-10-27 22:36
2021-10-27 22:37
True, even tier2 LANs had webcams, hope we see it from next stage atleast
2021-10-27 22:39
agreed, we need cams
2021-10-27 22:40
Other Bactuga
Theres a chance all of the Production they made like with player-cams was mostly made for the Stage with the Crowd, and they completely forgot about the Groups part. if they havent fixed this by the Legend stage im gonna be pissed, for the Challenger stage eeh its alright, i dont really care much about it except my pick-ems of course (which are really bad rn ;-;)
2021-10-27 22:42
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yeah i'm still patient, i will wait until Legends stage that is when the real thing starts, i do really hope tomorrow it is much more polished tho
2021-10-27 22:57
Czech Republic PaYaB
+1 it's been really crap so far :(
2021-10-27 22:46
Brazil YUB8
It's still not looking good but was much better than yesteryday. hopefully we get a problem free legends stage and beyond.
2021-10-27 22:46
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yeah, if they get it all sorted out, and for legends stage or even for tomorrow or next day, then as i say, it can be one of the best Major's Lets hope for the best
2021-10-27 22:58
I agree the cams need to be there.
2021-10-27 22:51
I think there are no cameras because they are playing from their room for some country issue I suppose (quarantine?). In the "real" major, everything will be better (I want to believe)
2021-10-27 23:00
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yeah apparently they have "only" 4 setups at the studio, but that should be enough, cuz its 2 games going on at the same moment. I remember starladder studio had like 6 setups, but they were using an arena so i can give them that 1 match was at the studio and the other was at the pracc room from what i heard of today.. just kinda clunky everything xD Lets see if for legends or they have something prepared.. or its all gonna be like this until playoffs i hope not..
2021-10-27 23:09
The youtube stream is like 15 fps on TV and it really sucks to not be able to enjoy the major because low production
2021-10-27 23:04
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could be TV's fault? I checked a bit the YT stream and it looked fine to me. I think they had an OBS lag problem, could be, but it was for just a moment.
2021-10-27 23:10
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I don't think it's the TV'S fault, after the bomb got planted every round it was on like 60fps and after the bomb exploded was like 15 fps again
2021-10-27 23:21
Many tournaments have cams at players homes. What player doesn’t have a web cam? I’ve seen hundreds of unmade beds in backgrounds of events of people playing from home or hotels.
2021-10-27 23:05
Ex6TenZ | 
France p2l
The production is so disappointing for the first Major in 2 years We were waiting for a huge step up and it goes the opposite way How is this even possible
2021-10-27 23:06
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yeah it all looks a bit rushed.
2021-10-27 23:14
Europe Pts
Facecams overrated
2021-10-27 23:08
i really dont like this dark all virtual studio. I really liked the eleague studio, hope they get into the arena in a better setup and not just a virtual
2021-10-27 23:13
No cams in a major it's actually sad
2021-10-27 23:21
best hud since forever, not even baiting
2021-10-27 23:30
agreed 100%, at least give us player cam so we see their emotion after winning a crucial round
2021-10-27 23:39
United States I_AM_BETA
honestly idc abt anyhting else, put player cams
2021-10-27 23:58
2021-10-28 00:05
Palestine 3BooD
Blast should host a major
2021-10-28 09:28
why chinese stream had facecams i dont get it
2021-10-28 09:34
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I guess its because Valve somehow fucked up the PGL hud when they updated the client. It works for perfect world csgo but not for us.
2021-10-28 10:13
mimi | 
Algeria krmb
also considering the fact that they had sooooo much time to prepare for the major, all this shit in unforgivable. feels like they prepared everything the day before the beginning. an ugly and not-major-level HUD at all, all those audio shit, the minimap that is sooo confusing and 10 fps... Let's hope when the *real* major starts the 30th it will be better.
2021-10-28 09:37
2021-10-28 09:45
They did fix the incorrect team winning message though XD But yeah agreed, they need to step up, though day2 was pretty good in general.
2021-10-28 10:00
analysts image voice delay is just sad and horrible, freaking 2021 and they can't eliminate delay.
2021-10-28 10:07
Germany liddarn
game footage feels like 10 fps.. just sad when i can watch a tier5 bulgarian game with 100 viewers which looks better..
2021-10-28 10:16
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