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how do u guys enjoy the major?
Sri Lanka EssentialBeing 
ngl it's been pretty good so far 1-8 with potential of 1-10 by tomorrow most delusional fans base in the world xD
2021-10-28 01:03
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Games were great. tech issues a little less great
2021-10-28 01:04
i mean i hope they fix times. because im in na atm 4am isnt good time for me haha
2021-10-28 01:06
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Totally agree with this since it starts at 3 am for me
2021-10-28 01:11
Play off games start much later at least. I think 6 hours or sth
2021-10-28 01:31
Good so far. Even all the casting has been good I think - though it must be said most of the matches I have followed have been the ones with Danish teams taking part. There is one of the analyst I think is annoying though, not sure of his name just some older English guy that seems very fond of hearing him self speak. I am impressed by CPH Flames while Heroric and especially Astralis need to do better, they better win their matches to morrow or I'll be disappointed. PS. The the streams are available i 4K is a nice cherry on top.
2021-10-28 01:09
Poland Neo[T]orius
I was casting my own finals so I didn't care xD but yes the first day was awesome I got addicted to two matches in a row then stopped as I don't find it productive to watch all matches all day lel
2021-10-28 01:10
Australia flashi
challenger and legends qualifier shit is asscrack playoffs are the only juicers
2021-10-28 01:15
day 1 tech issues ofc is what always happens, but i think its been great so far
2021-10-28 01:17
Games are good, Graphics are good too (at least I like it), stream terrible, but they seem to be fixing it. I really like scheduling tbh, there hasn't been any big delays
2021-10-28 01:21
Czech Republic LidoOP
As long as pickems and fantasy go well, I will enjoy it
2021-10-28 01:23
I havent watched a single game, I have lost interest :(
2021-10-28 01:24
Liking it but at school during a lot of matches
2021-10-28 01:26
Lithuania Jaguaras
Good, especially because Sado is back, pick em going well, huds are cool and fresh etc, etc.. ) Legend stage will be next level though Oh and love R Lewis and Thorin at the desk, been some time...
2021-10-28 01:34
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