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They are currently losing 2-0 against bolivia and they are placed 7th on the qualifier (1st to 4th teams on the board go to world cup, 5th goes to playoffs). Can u imagine a world cup without suarez and cavani?
2021-11-16 22:35
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2021-11-16 22:36
RIP Uruguay
2021-11-16 22:36
4 matches to go
2021-11-16 22:36
man its not fair to play in la paz... its 3500 meters above sea level, how are you even able to play up there if you are not used to it.
2021-11-16 22:38
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Heights makes national teams play bowling
2021-11-16 22:42
Funny how we all play like BOTs on bolivian soil.
2021-11-16 22:39
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Altitude abusers smh
2021-11-16 22:40
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They should be banned for competing against lightheaded players.
2021-11-16 22:44
maybe its because la paz is 3500 m above sea level?`? flashbacks
2021-11-16 22:41
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That's... the joke?
2021-11-16 22:43
altitude too strong((
2021-11-16 22:40
A world where nobody gets bitten randomly, nice
2021-11-16 22:41
Dosia | 
Poland iOFF
they have 4 more matches chill
2021-11-16 22:41
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