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Liquid so smart
tabseN | 
Germany thisguynochill 
They struggle to beat Furia so they just buy a player to leak the strats. Soon they kick Bot Vini and keep Furia Strats ez Major for NA 1000iq
2021-11-24 17:34
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and they will sign arT as their awper also Kappa
2021-11-24 17:35
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+ autimatic
2021-11-24 17:35
Why should VIni downgrade?
2021-11-24 17:35
this is such an 2019 post
2021-11-24 17:36
Brazil Necro_Spa
this possible new Liquid roster seems like one of those Splyce rosters with people from all around the world that said, im disappointed and hopefully Vini stays with Furia
2021-11-24 17:37
Why kick NAF??? I really don’t get it
2021-11-24 17:37
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I think NAF just doesn't want to play on TL anymore. Clearly it's become a fairly toxic environment. You know what's funny is I randomly watched a piece of their grand slam ceremony and they were the biggest simps for each other back then. It's kind of crazy that NAF and Stew have both decided they simply cannot co-exist with Elige now in 2021.
2021-11-24 17:40
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Czech Republic MatyVlaky
NAF probably wants to continue playing with stew, i guess.
2021-11-24 17:42
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