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Denmark NipoCS 
i love you bro, dont let these haters get you down. You're the second best player of all time in csgo after s1mple.
2021-11-26 04:53
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His confidence seemed very bad, especially at CT Side on Overpass, he kept dying from people in his back and he never tried to take any aggressive peeks or take initiative and his rifling was very underwhelming aswell, i hope he does better against Liquid tomorrow and maybe he can get some confidence back since he loves destroying Liquid))
2021-11-26 04:56
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Denmark kns377
He literally got like 4 or 5 opening kills while peeking from balloons
2021-11-26 12:25
*was second best player
2021-11-26 07:09
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2021-11-26 11:05
So who is 2nd best player of all time then?
2021-11-26 11:49
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Surely not device. He is like second most overrated player ever.. just behind Scream
2021-11-26 15:52
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Surely u didn't answer my question.
2021-11-26 15:59
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Olof, KennyS, Guardian and Get_Right were easily way better players than this boosted kid. Idk why people even compare someone who literally forced valve to patch their game with someone who only played in a good team.
2021-11-26 16:32
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Olof who had 1, maybe 2 good years? Same with guardian and gtr? Device has been in top5 6 years in a row XD
2021-11-26 16:34
zywoo, he got top1 for the only 2 years he competed at a high level, and hes likely to get somewhere in the top 3 this year, while device is lucky for top 10
2021-11-26 20:15
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XD So being at top 2 years in a row > being at top 7 years in a row?
2021-11-26 20:34
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its that he was top 1 in his first year in tier 1, device never even got top 1 during those 7 years
2021-11-26 20:35
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What about coldzera, he got 2x top1 aswell and unlikely zywoo, achieved something besides that.
2021-11-26 20:37
Feels bad to see him on the verge of tears, hope NIP can work it out and dev1ce do better
2021-11-26 07:14
Feel bad for him. He took this route .
2021-11-26 07:18
f0rest | 
Sweden Svahn
There's no hate. Just dissapointment with NIPs performance. But that's just NIP being NIP
2021-11-26 07:22
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Wouldn’t be nip if they didn’t let everyone down
2021-11-26 07:54
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Exactly. And I know why they fail. There is no competition on NIP, failure is allowed. Only thru bullying and fear can you grow stronger. They need to be motivated
2021-11-26 08:01
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not fear? you see how device treats his monitors, imagine how he treats plopski
2021-11-26 11:50
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I think Devve is chill af. He needs to rage more and scare the little younglings
2021-11-26 12:23
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you only see him on camera))))
2021-11-26 15:48
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Haha true true
2021-11-26 16:13
man, why u spitting truth........... it hurts. On the bright side, fnatic is finally getting back
2021-11-26 10:55
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REZ | 
Sweden Knarten
my hate against fnatics origin is huge. but their current squad is good and the players that is left is gucci. But I litterally couldn't stand JW and the boys. Rn im just happy that there are some swedish players in the tier 1 scene
2021-11-26 15:59
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India Lunat1c777
Why what happened with the old fnatic lineup? Did you not like their straight up bullying on the server and/or bm?
2021-11-26 16:28
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REZ | 
Sweden Knarten
No not really
2021-11-26 16:29
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India Lunat1c777
Then why did you hate fnatic? I joined in 2021 but really loved that there was somebody playing the game for fun and still winning.
2021-11-26 18:37
While their lineup is pretty solid, I think people have overhyped them a bit too. Device himself isn't going to make them a title contender when the team around him is a low end top 10 team at best.
2021-11-26 10:36
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There is enough firepower in that team to take top 3, they already did. BUT they need to find a solid T side and , i dont know, fucking confidence.
2021-11-26 12:22
It looks like he's going to have a mental breakdown. I feel for him, hope NiP wins today!
2021-11-26 07:43
Denmark Xipingu
Well I'd feel terrible too with that performance. Back on the horse and get fighting again is the only way
2021-11-26 07:48
I wish he never left. I wish no one left. I wish this Astralis year could be erased and restarted.
2021-11-26 07:53
Romania VlakeV
I support him too, all people hate him just because of his results (plz come back)
2021-11-26 08:04
As an overall player in CSGO esports, device is the GOAT. His achievements, both individual and as a teamplayer, are unrivalled in CSGO.
2021-11-26 08:10
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Bosnia and Herzegovina sLiPpeRy
2021-11-26 08:16
Astralis is GOAT, dev1ce....... nope, and the whole NiP thing was to determine the same thing, dev1ce wanted to show he can do it outside Astralis, and well, He can't.
2021-11-26 10:57
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device is going past his prime now, he's 26. When he was beasting in 2015-2018 even with rifles, I'm sure you weren't around at all. This herd mentality where people start saying something about a player and so you start believing it without even thinking about it, is kinda pathetic. device has 7 Top20 placements, 6 Top5 in a row, and 5 Top3, in addition to 19 MVPs and 2 Major MVPs. He front-ran NiP to the only LAN victory since 2017, being the MVP himself. Even at 26, device is amazing.
2021-11-26 11:04
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I was around at that time, not as a hltv user XD. I know his rifling was insane and he picked awp because of team requirements, but he wasn't an individual like s1mple, Niko or zywoo, who can carry their team to victory, who can defy the logic of "this is the better team strategically". As far as achievements go, again, Astralis is the GOAT, but not dev1ce. I would go with s1mple if I had to choose GOAT till now, and see what future holds. I can sum up the mvps for u, if u are bound to win the tournament, u just have to be best player in your team and very likely you get mvp. How about dev1ce wins mvp of a tournament his team lost? never happened
2021-11-26 11:14
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device did hard-carry many times, with him alone going +30 while his entire team was negative. That was Astralis/TSM/CPH Wolves before gla1ve and zonic came in. People don't remember that now. s1mple and ZywOo might have won MVPs of events that they lost, cuz they are just a different breed of players. 2 of a kind. In the greatness discussion, ZywOo is not even a contender as of now. As for s1mple, I would say s1mple is the best player in the history of CSGO, objectively speaking: I don't think s1mple's GOAT either, as explained in that thread. But yeah, he's a strong contender imo.
2021-11-26 11:25
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There we can find some agreement, and dev1ce was a vital part of Astralis success, I don't usually talk about this cause people are already head over heels for dev1ce. In the era, their strongest contender was liquid and the matches were always very fun to watch, cause of two ideologies colliding, Astralis played for the untradable kills using utility and awp. They'll either flash u, or make u push smoke, or get u to half health, everytime it seemed like their team is taking a fight where they have all the advantage. while everyone was copying Astralis, some people stuck to their guns, like liquid, they went with an exact opposite ideology "every kill must be traded" you can see it in the matches, their trades were on point and their individuals were sharp. Demos can be watched so utility was matched in a few months, and the deciding factor of this "immovable object vs unstoppable force" was the awper dev1ce. Awp is still a weapon which is best for getting that untradable frag even after figuring out the util, Liquid had no answer to dev1ce. s1mple still has one of the best storylines in csgo, his skills and personality just makes for the spiciest combo in csgo history.
2021-11-26 11:45
NAF | 
Vietnam ltsu1
dev1ce is a good player, but his performance back in the day when he was still in Astralis was by no means a solo achievement. Astralis had such a good structure that he could rely on his teammates and have the freedom to do his thing. NIP just isn't there yet. Their roster is going through changes as well so in my eyes it will be quite some time before we see past dev1ce come back online. As far as his decision to leave Astralis for NIP goes - everybody needs a change. Whether it was for good or bad now he has to bear with it and keep going. I don't judge his reasoning for leaving - it was exciting news all the same. Also the Astralis era was one of the most boring eras. They were unbeatable and it felt boring watching their games, competitive wise. Despite the fact that their teamplay was beautiful to watch, it killed watching competitions for me. I like the way things are now - many exciting roster changes and interesting matches to watch.
2021-11-26 08:25
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Well now we have navi dominating. I miss the 2017 times when there was multiple teams that could win t1 lan events
2021-11-26 10:02
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well it's not Astralis 2018/19 and NaVi 2021 fault that good players keep holding on to incredibly shitty projects for years instead of banding together to make better teams. If the best players in the world actively tried to play together instead of having 2 or 3 bots on their team you wouldn't have hopeless "top tier" teams like FaZe, Vitality, Liquid, BIG, MOUZ and G2. There could be at least 3 more superteams with NaVi level firepower and a good enough IGL that might actually beat NaVi but instead everyone keeps sitting on their ass cashing in on shitty teams
2021-11-26 11:56
NAF | 
Vietnam ltsu1
Navi are currently dominating, but at least they still have competition - Heroic and perhaps Gambit when they get used to LAN. Besides those there are up and coming teams which could be unpredictable as well - namely Astralis (scary both on paper and in reality so far, maybe besides x9p who is still inconsistent and Lucky who seems to be a valid rifler but lacking with the AWP), but G2 and Vitality could also be solid. NA is broken and will attempt a rebuild, hopefully not with new washed up players, but it would also be exciting to see. tl;dr: It's a great time for CS right now. If NA can make a comeback it would be even more thrilling, so let's hope for the best.
2021-11-27 07:35
The latter point is spot on man.The reason i stopped watching cs for a year and a half .
2021-11-26 11:51
NiP will be humiliated.
2021-11-26 10:19
device is a good player but his mindset is so beta
2021-11-26 10:21
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err what? what mindset you talking about here man
2021-11-26 11:52
device already washed up
2021-11-26 10:37
Device should just buy out his own contract and go back astralis. On other hand I don't get what stops lucky from awping because with gla1ve awping it's practically 4v5 since he neither does gla1ve plays or creates space with awp like device did
2021-11-26 10:52
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man, I think putting lucky on rifle was a good decision, many high rated awpers get hired and I haven't seen many who hit the ground running in tier1 cs. It's good experience at the very least, his rifling is solid, the ace with ak on inferno, the 4k with famas + usp, he is doing much better, and I think once he gets a bit more comfortable on this level of csgo, he will be able to provide the awper their team needs. Awp requires mechanically less skill than a rifle but better positioning and decision-making, that's exactly what new players lack at tier 1, decision-making, starting with rifle and then switching to awp, sounds like a better move (like broky).
2021-11-26 11:04
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Denmark kns377
+1 most great awpers are just riflers who started to pick up the awp
2021-11-26 12:29
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Denmark kns377
IMO Stavn might be the biggest danish awping talent for this reason
2021-11-26 12:32
Imagine him still being in Astralis instead of Lucky, he really fucked himself moving to NIP, take device out and it's barely a tier2 team.
2021-11-26 11:48
France Keironical
No hate only respect from me to dev1ce. I think I can agree with the fact that he was and still is one of the best in the world. Take the Astralis era, if you say dev1ce wasn't a huge part of that era then idk who can. Astralis had perfect structure, from strats to the players themselves. They were so reliable so that enabled Dev1ce to do his thing without costing the whole round and he was good at it. So conclusion, I still think he's one of the best.
2021-11-26 11:54
best player
2021-11-26 12:26
Bahrain Ax1yn
I wonder after 3 years of NiP contracts ends he will go back to Astralis? I really hope he does to back in the old team. It would make Astralis so strong that they can get back on old form with dev1ce and can actually compete against other teams like Navi, Vitality, Gambit & Heroic like Astralis old days.
2021-11-26 12:34
He just destroyed his own career so.. Many people can say he left because Astralis were struggling this year but they've been in a way worse situations back then but still came back
2021-11-26 12:39
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Bahrain Ax1yn
Didn't he sign 3 years contract with NiP? Really wished he stayed in Astralis till the end and won 1-2 more majors with this new team with adding blameF, K0nfig. It definitely feels like this new Astralis team has a lot of potentials to get back into top10 or top5.
2021-11-26 12:44
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they wouldn't add either k0nfig or blamef, if device didn't leave none of them would've left. they were just in bad form and that's it, they've been in a way worse situation
2021-11-26 14:54
Do u really think 26 yo player with most individual/team achievments who won 4 majors cares about winning? he just wants to play for additional few years while getting good salary XD U have no clue what was going on inside the team so why u say he could've stay.
2021-11-26 18:47
Brazil MimAcher
Most overreated of all time. Can't carry a simple team with a op Weapon like a awp. Kkkkkkkkkkkk
2021-11-26 20:17
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