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Things you miss from 1.6
Ukraine rexyyCSGO 
can't deny people in 1.6 had more style in everything. Like: 1) team names(post you liked the most): wooSai, ESC ICY BOX, WinFakt, MYM, WemadeFox, Frag eXecutors. 2) Nicknames: face, Kapio, fRoD, Delpan jezz I miss them. 3) Every tournanent was like a celebration with teams playing like their life is on the line. Now you see 5/10 teams attending are disbanded, 4 of them don't want to play and don't care about win/lose and one left is mediocre but have less mental issues then others and thats the reason they win. 4) Unique highlight and fragmovies from godlike movie makers like athid. cs go highlights from hltv doesnt feel even a bit as ones from 1.6 era. theres much more
2021-11-26 23:12
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Germany MC_T
The feeling was completely different and ofc the communities. You had LANs where you met the top teams and players, you knew almost every top player from the ESL Pro Series (Germany) and there were some great leagues and not only major events.
2021-11-30 01:42
cs_assault in 1.6 was actually one of my fav things and aug :D
2021-11-30 01:49
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Assault was my fav map as well, played it so much in 1.6 :D
2021-12-13 02:06
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i were skipping my class to play it all day long :D
2021-12-13 02:13
playing it with wallbang was really difficult haha
2021-12-13 02:09
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havent played with hacks but i guess it's fun :D
2021-12-13 02:12
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I mean when I was younger it was fun because we only know how to wb door but when your older it has so many wb spots against experienced players haha
2021-12-13 02:13
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i had experiene to play against xiters on 1.6 as well,i was getting so pissed, i hate those mfckers :DD
2021-12-13 02:15
I miss the community,
2021-12-01 09:02
miss mirc
2021-12-12 20:27
Poland Neo[T]orius
movement :( NEO destroying everyone death animation the spray, the recoil, SO BEAUTIFUL the AWP quick-scopes the flying nades and flashes the wallbanging
2021-12-13 01:53
knife headshots boost on short on de_dust2_2x2 from where you could see and wallbang people near box and long
2021-12-13 01:59
csgo just too corporate now imo game got too big.
2021-12-13 01:57
it wasn’t professionalized like it is today. a blessing and a curse. but I miss that only a handful of guns were viable and utility was nowhere near as powerful. it was way more about raw skill.
2021-12-13 01:57
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I think what would have perfect was CSGO Prize Money but everything else stay the same
2021-12-13 02:05
Sometimes like to go to youtube and rewatch the old frag movies. My favs : Single Gaming : Strel SpawN - Living Legend - presented by Steelseries HQ Link f0rest 2010 Counter Strike 1.6 ANNIHILATION 2 HQ (Original Sound)
2021-12-13 01:58
Watching tournaments through hltv ip's Just felt different
2021-12-13 02:07
crouch running CHEF-KOCH and the alternate attax squad that was insane for a while the frag movies were way better for some reason. maybe i'm just old idk public servers used to be fun as fuck, met a lot of friends in those
2021-12-13 02:12
That players was not always playing for money. Now you don't need to be the best to just live from cs. Back in 1.6 days you would need to win big tournament for a better living but it was still not enough. Now when you're weak you can just switch to other org and still earn good money for a living. I miss movement but I know these days games want to be more realistic than just be a game with unique "game" style. Headshot animations were more rewarding I even did back in 2013 yt video to demonstrate how weak is hs animation compared to 1.6 even CSPromod had better hs animation
2021-12-13 02:15
Oceania xJ7
I think frag movies are just out of style in 2021. They need to make more documentaries about teams at specific tournaments. Hybrid frag movie/documentary. Would be really cool. Like how bands do tour diaries and stuff. That CLG video that tarik was watching recently was more in line with what I'm thinking about. But they should go in depth on why certain rounds were a big deal.
2021-12-13 02:17
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Oceania xJ7
Also, I just want some of the old maps to make a comeback. Season, Contra, Russka, Tuscan. I don't know why season wasn't succesful as part of the operation way back then. And tuscan has some issues with an egotistical creator who won't accept that his map needs further changes to become a viable map. I guess russka would probably suffer the same problems as tuscan but contra was such a staple for cs:s
2021-12-13 02:22
Loved it also that it wasn't just European teams that is above the rest. Especially the Koreans - We Made Fox etc. was competing head to head for every title on international tournaments and they had that own cool style. Tyloo was pretty strong as well, had strong players and i loved their players names like xf, tb, Savage Agreed about fragmovies, shit was so hype, it's still cool to watch from time to time. Smooth ass movement and spray
2021-12-13 02:28
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