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Astralis vs Liquid?? PauseChamp
Do you guys think Liquid can beat Heroic, thereby setting up a match against Astralis in the LB final I think they can unless they lose another 1v5
2021-11-27 07:18
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bump, dead site
2021-11-27 07:29
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just timezones, but yes I am a delusional liquid fan so they can beat heroic
2021-11-27 07:31
United States hondayzx
its night time for half of NA and early morning for EU
2021-11-27 07:31
lol its dead because eu sleep 😴😴😪, NA on, asia :\
2021-11-27 07:32
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7.30 am and on hltv, chad
2021-11-27 07:35
plenty of indians on and and hltv
2021-11-27 12:22
2021-11-27 11:16
United States Azaqa
I think its likely Liquid beat Heroic. I think Astralis probably destroy them though, they look too strong.
2021-11-27 11:17
Algeria he_car
astralis wins with k0nfig 40bomb!
2021-11-27 11:17
India shahil_005
No, Heroic beat Liquid Heroic beat Astralis Heroic beat Navi to win Blast. You heard it here first.
2021-11-27 11:18
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i like a good fairytale. but cadian is sick and i think they also mentioned that stavn felt a little sick. i wont be surprised if heroic looses to liquid. but damn, i want to see heroic and astralis go head to head tonight.
2021-11-27 12:34
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India shahil_005
yeah, Heroic vs Astralis in front of danes would be sick tbh.
2021-11-27 12:50
liquid will win
2021-11-27 11:20
well if there is one thing we can count on in this universe , it is that Astralis will beat Liquid
2021-11-27 12:26
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