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IEM Winter WTF
Why are they making 6 day break after quarter finals? Why does ESL always have to create bullshit like that?
2021-11-27 23:03
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2021-12-03 20:41
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Europe robo1234
The answer is pretty obvious. This tournament was supposed to be played with crowd and, in order to have more people in attendance, the "important" matches were are scheduled in the weekend.
2021-12-03 20:46
so that Astralis can practice new strats oh wait
2021-12-03 20:42
North America drac0z
bc preparing for csgo matches is hard :(((((((
2021-12-03 20:42
Maybe they didn't have time to rent the arena for the playoffs? Quarter finals will be held in the studio as far as I know
2021-12-03 20:44
Croatia _doppler_
because it is forbidden to have more than 2-3 days off before the next tourny
2021-12-03 20:44
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