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Danish crowd
sjuush | 
CIS SJUUSHest_user like any other crowd when home team attends a tournament Even tho I've attended 2 big arena events and never tried to breach their integrity, I understand that people are getting desperate when their favorite player missing a timing/not checking default etc, this is human nature Solution: install soundproof cabins like at starladder major regardless of the country Thorin has been hating on astralis and seemingly on entire country since flashpoint situation, why so many people bait on his crap? At esl new york 2019 grand final eg got away with couple of crucial rounds against astralis cos of crowd. AmErIcAn CrOwD bAd too or what?
2021-11-28 08:37
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theyre booing for the cheaters heroic whats wrong with that
2021-11-28 08:37
crept down the block
2021-11-28 08:38
Faroe Islands Endseeker
Sound proof booths are very tricky. Not only are they expensive to build, but having electrical equipment with people in a sound proof box will not pass most building safety codes these days. There are a few venues and countries that will allow it, but even then, getting approval and safety certification can be a nightmare.
2021-11-28 08:49
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Nice clarification +1
2021-11-28 09:01
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