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Molotovs too random
Ireland [Cutest]Irish_fan_of_Vitality 
Should be a set spread and unvariable damage
2021-11-28 17:04
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the technology just isn't there yet
2021-11-28 17:05
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2021-11-28 17:08
+1 sad but true
2021-11-30 00:52
2021-11-28 18:24
Morocco Snafuuu
fire doesnt behave like that irl
2021-11-28 18:26
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And in real life you dont survive 12 bullets from a smg
2021-11-28 18:44
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Morocco Snafuuu
unpredictability is more exciting /closed
2021-11-28 18:45
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and uncompetitive
2021-11-30 00:34
care to demonstrate?
2021-11-30 00:36
you don't survive 12 bullets with smg without kevlar either unless ur american and go out shopping with kevlar
2021-11-30 00:37
2021-11-30 00:38
Yes, CS:GO, the famously realistic game
2021-11-30 00:41
Germany phlizz
2021-11-28 18:35
2021-11-28 18:42
Set spread? No. Animation matching the actual spread? Absolutely. Also the last tick where it spreads extra being the most damaging is BS, should be the other way around imo. The way it is now barely rewards for perfectly throwing a molly at an enemy's feet but massively punishes people who try to go for already risky timing pushes right near the end of a molly, seems backwards to me
2021-11-30 00:40
Europe JohnnyPayn
maybe shouldn't randomly burn up 3 meters aswell
2021-11-30 00:42
Unvariable dmg would mean that the first tick would already need to do like 20 dmg, so full heatlh player would die from 5 ticks or so. That would make molotov better in making dmg than throwing HE. Unvariable spread wouldn't make any difference for the player whoms feet the molotov in thrown into. You wouldn't know how accurately the enemy throwed it. For the throwing side it would give some reliablity more, but not that much. In pro level you would still want to check your corners. Maybe it could made so it does not spread more after the initial spread. But that would need to make the initial spread bigger. Which means it would hit more enemies before enemies get away from the fire.
2021-11-30 00:48
more consistent spread yes, but a big no to unvariable damage
2021-11-30 00:52
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