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Denmark Esport culture
Poland dawido0305 
Is that common in Denmark that many families come to esport events as we can see on Blast?
2021-11-28 21:27
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Yes. My danish friend told me that parents force their kids to play videogames at least 3 hours a day. Here is germany you get beaten up for playing video games, especially shooters. They see us cs players as terrorists, it wouldn't surprise me if they put us on a watchlist.
2021-11-28 21:30
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2021-11-28 21:29
Poland dawido0305
2021-11-28 21:29
2021-11-28 21:30
is it true that cs is on low violence mode by default in germany?
2021-11-28 21:30
Wtf lol
2021-11-28 21:30
German efficiency at its best
2021-11-28 21:30
Well no, but it is normal for familys to go and watch
2021-11-28 21:31
gob b does look like a terrorists tbh
2021-11-28 21:37
That's why Germany is GOAT country
2021-11-28 21:50
gained a bit of respect for germans
2021-11-28 21:57
Sweden frizzahh
thanks for the laugh :D
2021-11-28 21:59
2021-11-28 21:29
Yeah thats quite normal
2021-11-28 21:32
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Poland dawido0305
wow I wish it happens in Poland soon as well
2021-11-28 21:34
From what I see, yes. Even the prime minister of Denmark shows support for Astralis recurrently. Here in Brazil, you are called a bum if you work in esports xD
2021-11-28 21:34
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isn't fnx a huge reality tv star in brazil rn?
2021-11-28 21:58
Taiwan ilkym00th
If you have a job in Brazil you are relatively successful compared to the majority of the population
2021-11-28 22:00
In Denmark we stay away from school to watch cs
2021-11-28 21:41
Gaming is generally accepted and gets mentioned in main stream media, but I don't think every family is onboard - then again not every family is onboard with say football either. I have had colleagues asking about how to build a good gaming computer for their teenager at home, as in not just as a gift but just as someone would ask when buying a bicycle for a son/daughter dreaming of being a pro. Also Danish military has told how gamers train some skills they see useful, like teamwork and the ability to focus, and there have been articles on how gaming is a lot more social than some think.
2021-11-28 21:44
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Poland dawido0305
wow, thx for information
2021-11-28 21:49
Denmark Vqwerty03
yes, little bit like a football match
2021-11-28 21:54
Esport became acceptable in Denmark when parents realised you could make a living. When I spend my early teenage years playing games it was looked upon as being non-social and a bad "addicton", now only 5-6 years later, those same people encourage their teenager to follow that path.
2021-11-28 21:56
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