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The most braindead take
rain | 
Norway non_radical_leftist_guy 
So I've seen a lot of people having this absolutely braindead take : They think that having a BAD team, with BAD teammates, makes it easier to get a high rating because "they don't take the frags from you". This is completely wrong. It's the opposite. Having a GOOD team, that wins most of their games and are dominating means that it's EASIER to get a very high rating. The rating gets SLIGHTLY inflated basically. The two teams that had the most dominant major runs ever (Na'Vi PGL STOCKHOLM and Astralis IEM Katowice 2019) Astralis 1.24 rating in Katowice 2019 Na'Vi 1.23 rating in PGL Stockholm 2021. These team average ratings are the highest average ratings ever in majors. It is not a COINCIDENCE that the most dominant major runs ever also were the highest recorded team ratings ever. (Na'Vi not losing a single map, Astralis only losing one map I believe) Also, here is a dominant Na'Vi win against Vitality : As you can see, the LOWEST rated Na'Vi player in that series was Perfecto with 1.12 and next was Boombl4 with 1.26. In this series, Na'Vi absolutely dominated Vitality. And everyone on Na'Vi had very high ratings.
2021-11-28 22:25
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That's really obvious A team winning everything in a dominant way will have good economy most of the games, and play against teams that is on eco or low buys a lot of the time. You must be really dumb to think that playing on a team with shitty teammates makes it easier to get a high rating lmao
2021-11-28 22:29
Italy I_like_csgo
I don't understand why some people can't fathom that concept
2021-11-28 22:30
Brazil Zireael11
I wonder how they would explain how s1mple got such high ratings from 2018 to 2020 since he was literally hard carrying them pratically alone
2021-11-28 22:31
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s1mple was carrying in 2018 to 2020, but not alone. electronic was a very consistent performer alongside s1mple, but the rest of their team was meh. But yeah, his year in 2018 was just insane and for me personally, that is the most impressive year of s1mple, I think s1mple's 2018 year was even more impressive than his 2021 year.
2021-11-28 22:36
shox | 
Serbia nzzm22
dude s1mple in 2018 2019 had electronic as a top 3/5 player next to him. Zywoo literally doesnt have a single teammate consistently above 1.00.
2021-11-28 23:45
Even more proof for this : Here is Nuke, which Vitality dominated on. here is Inferno, which Na'Vi dominated on. Pretty obvious correlation.
2021-11-28 23:41
Ukraine McSwell
zywoo fans cope so hard rn
2021-11-28 23:41
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I am literally just explaining facts. I truly don't understand why so many people on here, both ZywOo and s1mple fanboys are so fragile. Is this me coping, when I am explaining something that people often have twisted?
2021-11-29 00:51
Yeah that dude is definitely retarded
2021-11-28 23:43
Heres another random thing I considered. Playing on a good team means you will be playing vs more save rounds for easy kills compared to a bad team who will be against more buy rounds. Not sure how big of an impact that would have though
2021-11-28 23:54
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Definitely. If your team is completely dominating, you will often have good economy, while the enemy team will be on a lot of low forcebuys / eco rounds. And also, playing on a good team dominating everyone means you will have more rounds where you are alive. This increases your KAST%, which increases your rating as well.
2021-11-29 00:52
smartest russian on hltv
2021-11-28 23:46
Only people still saying that are NiKo haters from 2016 tbh
2021-11-29 00:52
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