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Liquid VINI
WolfY | 
United States Heatjkweird 
I hope he doesnt actually end up signing with liquid. I dont think it will work out at all if they do. Liquid don't need another below average rifler..
2021-11-29 00:51
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Greece RedWinter
He will be much better than Grim if he gets his roles
2021-11-29 00:51
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I disagree. Grim>VINI imo
2021-11-29 00:55
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Seems that Team Liquid disagree with you.
2021-11-29 00:58
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Brazil Yamat01
2021-11-29 04:10
United States bsian
grim is more mechanically skilled but vini fits the roles better imo
2021-11-29 01:10
the stats, the org, and his gameplay disagree with you. Grim is horrid, he was hyped up to be this up and coming aimer, but he's putting up numbers equal to stew and fallen, when he needs to be putting up the numbers Twistzz did. I dont like that Vini is getting his spot but I think it will be a much better move than keeping Grim on especially now that Stew is leaving.
2021-11-29 01:12
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He went from playinng star role in lower levels of NA to bitch roles in tier 1 cs ofc he will play worse. If Liquid give him good roles with support he can easily be a great player. for sure better than VINI overall (potential + current level of play) but if Liquid are looking for more of a support role they should go with VINI
2021-11-29 01:31
Do you even understand how roles work in csgo? What you are said is similar to putting a 20 years old CR7 in a CB position and at the end of season trying to look at the number of times he were able to tackle/retrieve the ball. Grim was never a support player to begin with. And right off the start he had to play a terrible role (for him) at tier 1 level. Of course his stats will look horrible. And the fact that you compare stats between a support vs an entry and an awper just showed how dumb your argument was. Just refrain from commenting if you don't have much knowledge about the game, please.
2021-11-29 01:43
You're too patriotic. Vini is a better support player and Liquid need that kind of player. Grim should play similar roles to Elige, but Elige is better than Grim. So, Grim don't fit in this team.
2021-11-29 01:52
United States Rayduh
idk about that lol
2021-11-29 04:06
NiKo | 
Ireland SuLLi^
would be nice
2021-11-29 00:52
going from furia to liquid is a huge downgrade
2021-11-29 00:55
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NAF | 
Finland Finn777
better contract maybe
2021-11-29 00:59
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He was kicked
2021-11-29 01:42
not a downgrade. its like the same thing.
2021-11-29 01:01
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lol no, furia is decent even playing with drop
2021-11-29 01:09
he was probably kicked, probably his best option
2021-11-29 01:41
Brazil zzzzzzznt
he was kicked
2021-11-29 01:41
United States Rayduh
VINI got kicked from Furia to be fair
2021-11-29 04:06
FaNg | 
Canada JC_123
last liquid iteration sucked, this one won't maybe
2021-11-29 05:44
hes a good dedicated support if theyre going for a taco-esque type of thing again, and I think with NAF and Elige thats a decent amount of firepower there, its just that Nitr0 and shox aren't really the guys to frag out so we'll see
2021-11-29 00:56
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+1 exactly this
2021-11-29 00:58
I dont think they will sign shox since naf is a lurker. Maybe, you don't see it, but they can resign stewie too. I think it will be Naf Elige Vini Nitro A CIS awper (or Osee, but I'm pretty sure he will stay in ES).
2021-11-29 01:45
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i just dont think they will cause stew didnt like working with elige
2021-11-29 05:43
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Yeah, I guess so too, but I really thought NAF was following stew. It caught me off-guard. At the same time, Liquid has a lot of funds and Elige-Naf in terms of firepower is crazy. It just a need a decent igl, a good support an a good awper and the team is easily top5. I hope Osee will change to Liquid. I like Extra salt, they are nice players, but I think Osee can play in a more competitive roster. Junior is okay, but like Grim, I feel he needs a lot of micromanaging. In Furia, he looked so passive, so useless. Sure, the langage barrier, but awp knowledge is not associated to a particular language.
2021-11-29 05:51
Estonia thisba!tes
They should pick degster. He is godlike and one vibe with Liquid
2021-11-29 06:15
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Yeah I agree with you. It was the first one in my list. Experience with t1/t2, looks humble (in a good way). I'm not a fan of monesy in a international team.
2021-11-29 06:19
are you dumb? VINI is top tier support player. replace grim with vini and possibly let grim take more space and it could work very well for liquid
2021-11-29 00:57
Nah VINI will play great on Liquid
2021-11-29 01:00
Japan Legoshi
Liquid ez sign Nitr0 elige naf junior cynic top 5 team
2021-11-29 01:20
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-junior +oSee cynic deserves a better team but not a tier 1 team. maybe for ES
2021-11-29 01:24
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Japan Legoshi
osee probably gonna stick with ES he seems happy there already turned down C9 once cynic definitely good enough to be on liquid they need the young talent anyway most NA talent goes to waste since all players are recycled
2021-11-29 01:36
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This take is probably the one I agree with the most; osee is gonna stay with ES and junior playing with NA boys will make him perform a lot better. Cynic is really good and deserves a shot at t1.
2021-11-29 04:14
Osee naf elige brehze + idk some good
2021-11-29 01:26
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nitr0 is pretty much confirmed
2021-11-29 01:44
i believe they will do a taco again, get vini and osee let shox in french scene
2021-11-29 01:37
I hope they keep grim and just have vini take his spots tbh
2021-11-29 01:38
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By the looks of his interview, after their last game against heroic, I don't think so.
2021-11-29 01:47
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Poor grimothy Liquid did him dirty
2021-11-29 02:02
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Yeah, but on hltv confirmed, karrigan makes a good point. Grim went to liquid without knowing what roles he is going to play. You cannot perform if you switch to 180 degree. Maybe he was too confident about his capacity of adaptation. To be honest, grim didn't perform well at his roles, but at the same time, how can you do that? Stewie is a good even can be a great entry, but as an igl, I dont think he is enough selfless. Elige didn't help either. And fallen never fully had the control of the boat. So, basically, grim had to learn how to play support without much assistance. For that reason, even if I like grim, I think vini is a better choice. Anyway, the loquid guy doesn't believe in him. If we had 3 na teams, It'll be fine for grim. But in eg and liquid, i doubt it. So, grim is kinda doomed to play na t2/t3.
2021-11-29 03:37
I just don't like mixing brazilian and NA players, it has never worked out once (probably because of communication problems and cultural differences). Liquid was at it's best with a full NA roster, get RUSH if you need a support player that badly.
2021-11-29 01:39
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+1 Although truth be told I don't think Rush is really the answer for any roster that wants to be tier 1. I would much rather give a player like Floppy a shot. But generally speaking I will almost always support a young player getting a shot over an older guy. Maybe because I do watch sports I just generally think it's a good thing to always have an eye towards developing young talent. Unless you can sign someone that you know will be great of course.
2021-11-29 01:48
Vini is very fluent in English. Watchc some Blast prod with Vini. Comms won't be a problem. And not by large, but Vini > Rush
2021-11-29 01:49
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2021-11-29 03:36
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Both are underrated, Liquid don't need more firepower (rifling) with Elige and now Naf. A player like Rush or A Vini is necessary in terms of balance.
2021-11-29 03:54
TACO in liquid worked, the team reached several finals in 2018 but Astralis was there to screw it up.
2021-11-29 03:37
Brazil Yamat01
Wtf never worked? Liquid before taco was #14 and after him they got #2 and #1
2021-11-29 04:11
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Sure but they also signed NAF at the same time. I don't think Taco was a horrible fit buuuut NAF was clearly the catalyst for Liquid sky rocketing up the rankings in 2018. That said I don't think Vini is nearly as egregious a pick up as Shox is. I think he'll probably work out as a supportive element just fine. Does it make them a top team again? Probably not. I'd feel much better if they were signing Kscerato and had the three headed rifling core they had all that success with in 2018 and 2019.
2021-11-29 06:03
If Taco on Liquid worked then Vini on Liquid will work lmao.
2021-11-29 01:45
I am sad that VINI is so underrated. He is a top tier support player. "Another below average rifler" for you to have said that, I see you don't watch FURIA games.
2021-11-29 03:34
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he's from NA, dude. they're trained like dogs to think they're all awesome and everyone else is "average". let NA sink.
2021-11-29 04:03
i agree. he would be just another brazilian to north-american kiddos put the blame on for liquid's awful results. liquid should go for 100% NA players and disband singing the star spangled banner all togheter.
2021-11-29 04:01
Brazil Yamat01
Your stupidity surprises me.
2021-11-29 04:10
Liquid need structure and firm roles with a strong IGL in my opinion. I do think Elige and NAF can be good, there needs to be some sacrifices made to make the team a real team
2021-11-29 04:23
vini is actually support unlikely grim and he is much better
2021-11-29 04:33
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