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csgo trading
way2sexy | 
Argentina NicolEwE 
How can i get started? i like it but i don´t have that much money (third world problems), so... how can i start doing this?
2021-11-29 01:09
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wait till cs skins crash since prices are super inflated then start trading
2021-11-29 01:11
catgirl | 
Europe r41
it's too late for that now. Csgo trading is dead if you're not a really big trader now
2021-11-29 01:11
I don't think it is worth it, unless you can spend hundreds or thousands of dolars. You will always have to pay a fee for transations, be it on steam or other means; it will make harder to get any profit from it. The game is also growing and more people interested on trading, what overfloods the market. Generally, I only see people profiting from it either by luck(cases...) or having a network of traders
2021-11-29 01:16
find who sells keys for cheap and trade those
2021-11-29 01:17
trading isnt really a thing anymore, specially for poor souls like us. But you can still flip some items here and there.
2021-11-29 01:19
market snipes
2021-11-29 01:20
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