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I have decided to choose between machi and toast Tell me what I should choose and I will stick with that name Leaning towards toast rn but it sounds so generic + there’s already an amogus YouTuber with that name
2021-11-29 01:29
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2021-11-29 01:29
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I wanna switch from toast but I can’t think of a name to commit to
2021-11-29 01:33
Choppa says toast cuz if u roll thru my hood ur toast
2021-11-29 01:30
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Ayo choppa when we making a mixtape together
2021-11-29 01:31
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slide 2 memphis bruh lets cook sum up
2021-11-29 03:01
Toast for sure
2021-11-29 01:31
2021-11-29 01:36
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2021-11-29 01:39
2021-11-29 01:41
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